03 - Music

'Entertainment that involves instrumental and / or vocal sounds that are relayed in an organised, structured and continuous manner'
(Moss and Henderson, 2009 in Moss, 2009, p.39).

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23rd January, 2017

BBC NewsGuess what? Not every music venue is under threatArticle exploring how some smaller grass roots music venues are thriving, in the face of many venues closing. 

4th January, 2017

BBC News

Syncing feeling lifts music industry

Article explaining how royalties from music being used in adverts and on TV has helped boost profits within the music industry.


12th October, 2016

MusicTankAre streaming services labels in waiting?

Featuring exploring the metamorphosis of music streaming services into producer / promoter / distributor platforms for music.
29th September, 2016BBC NewsSpotify 'in talks to take over Soundcloud'

At a time when competition in the streaming music sector is intensifying, rumours are abound that market leaders Spotify are making moves to take over rival SoundCloud.

22nd September, 2016BBC News

Iron Maiden go to war with ticket toutsArticle about measures being taken by bands and musicians to prevent touts selling their tickets at hugely inflated prices.Link
12th September, 2016

BBC NewsbeatYouTube is still 'not paying enough' to British musicians

Article highlighting the relatively small amounts paid in royalties to British musicians by youTube for playing their songs.
8th August, 2016

BBC News'Superfans' keep UK festivals goingA core group of 'superfans' are at th heart ofthe UK's festival scene, spending around £581 each per year on attending around four festivals - according to an Eventbrite survey.

17th July, 2016

BBC NewsHas streaming broken the UK singles chart?

The addition of streaming to the UK singles chart has meant that fewer new songs are entering the chart as more people stream the same tracks over and over again. This article discusses the implications of this for the music industry.

21st June, 2016

BBC NewsOnly 14% of the UK pays to stream music

Report based upon research by Music Week which has found (amongst other things) that only 14% of people in the UK pay to steam music, and one in ten people borrow other people's subscriptions.

14th June, 2016

BBC NewsLaura Mvula: 'music industry is sexist'Feature about claims by artist Laura Mvula, that the music industry is sexist and racist.

2016UK Music

Wish You Were Here 2016UK Music's annual report, which highlights the strength of live music to the British economy. In this report it is revealed (amongst many other things) that 30 million people attended a live music event in 2015, and that since 2014 here has been a 16% increase in overseas music tourism to the UK.

20th May, 2016

BBC NewsMusic and YouTube - an uneasy marriageArticle exploring the uneasy relationship between the music industry and YouTube, which is being blamed for a reduction in music sales and streaming revenue.


International Federation of the Phonographic Industry

Global Music Report 2016IFPI's annual report exploring the industry and consumer trends in music, this year's report highlights (amongst other things) that in 2015: global music revenues rose by 3.2%; digital sales outperformed physical sales by 45%; and download revenues are down 10.5% as streaming and online viewing / listening continues to increase.

14th April, 2016

BBC NewsMusic streaming boosts sales of vinylSales of vinyl in the UK are reaching levels not seen since the 1980s, due partially to demand from people who are hearing songs via streaming and then searching for collectibles by the artist, some of these collectors do not even have record players, and are instead collecting for the aesthetic values of the records in their sleeves.


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BBC Radio 1Is protest music dead?Discussion around protest music and songs, exploring a range of contemporary genres and artists.Link
17th March, 2016BBC News

Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie: Digital 'has destroyed' music

Primal Scream lead singer Bobbie Gillespie believes young people won't buy music if they can access if for free from streaming services.
27th January, 2016

BBC NewsIs YouTube killing the UK's live music scene?

Discussion feature exploring the use of YouTube by music labels to look for new talent, rather than watching them perform live at gigs, and how this may discourage some musicians from playing live, instead concentrating on the social media presence.

18th January, 2016

Vinyl FactoryCatalogue album sales overtake new releases for first time since records began

2015 was the first year since records began that sales of back catalogue vinyl (over 18 months old) surpassed sales of newly released vinyl, an indication of the nostalgiac element of vinyl for many collectors.
6th January, 2016

BBC NewsStreaming and vinyl kept the music industry buoyant in 2015

In the UK in 2015, 26.8 billion songs were streamed and vinyl sales rose by 64% to £2.1million, this contributed to the retail value of UK music rising from £1.03bn in 2014 to £1.06bn in 2015.

10th December, 2015The ConversationFighting for the right to party: live music after the Paris attacksArticle exploring the socio-economic impacts of the November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris upon the live music event industry.
26th November, 2015

BBC NewsbeatOnly copy of Wu-Tang Clan album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin 'sells for millions'

News story about the latest album by the Wu-Tang Clan being sold in a way more associated with paintings and fine art. Their latest album has had only one copy made, which has been sold at auction for for 'millions of dollars'. This is an innovation that others in the music industry may in future look towards in order to guarantee revenue generation from their work.

26th November, 2015
BBC NewsbeatThese young women are fighting against groping at gigs

News story about a group of female activists who are raising the issue of sexual assaults occurring against women at packed music concerts.

15th November, 2015

BBC News

A Point of View: Why it's time to turn the music off

Article discussing how music has become the soundtrack to our lives, and how difficult it can be to escape from music.


5th November, 2015

UK Music

Measuring Music 2015 Report

UK Music's annual economic study that reveals the true scale of the UK music’s vast contribution to the UK economy. 2014 proved to be a buoyant year for music with increased growth across the sector contributing to a staggering £4.1bn overall contribution to the UK’s economy.


19th October, 2015

BBC NewsLive music under threat as small venues close

Video feature highlighting the challenges faced by small live music venues in towns and cities.
14th October, 2015

East Lothian NewsCity's noise restrictions acting as 'handbrake' on live music scene

Article highlighting how noise restrictions put in place by Edinburgh City Council are dampening the growth of the city's live music scene.
24th September, 2015

BBC NewsbeatWhy the UK's small music venues are under threatArticle highlighting problems faced by small live music venues in the UKs towns and cities.

UK MusicWish you were here 2015: Music tourism's contribution to the UK economy

Annual report that reveals (amongst other things) that in 2014 music tourism generated £3.1billion direct and indirect in the UK, and that there was a 39% increase in overseas music tourists making 546,000 in total.
24th September, 2015BBC NewsbeatAll About That Bass writer says he got $5,679 from 178m streams

Article that highlights the relatively low royalties paid to songwriters from music streaming services.
10th September, 2015BBC NewsA time when gigs were violentHistoric feature about violence at British music concerts, much of which is related to tribalism.

25th July, 2015BBC News

Music streaming passes 500m in a week for first time

News feature about music streaming in the UK going beyond 500m tracks in a week for the first time, in July, 2015.
2015BBCGlastonbury: A helter-skelter ride from hippies to hip-hop

Case study charting the rise and evolution of the Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts.
24th July, 2015BBC NewsWhat happens to the Wellington boots left behind at Glastonbury?

Best practice case study of discarded Wellington boots being recycled and sent to Romania, where they are donated to people living in poverty.
2nd July, 2015

YouredmMusic festivals are being destroyed by fans and it needs to change

Feature looking at how fans at music festivals are discarding rather than taking home their belongings, in essence littering on a massive scale.
16th June, 2015

UK MusicWish you were here 2015Link to a UK music report that calculates the worth of music tourism to the UK economy, reporting that visitors to music events contributed £3.1bn to the UK economy.

15th May, 2015BBC NewsbeatDisabled live music fans still being told 'you're a fire hazard'

Article exploring the difficulties and prejudices faced by disabled music fans, particularly those in wheelchairs at concerts and festivals.
2nd May, 2015

BBC NewsThe tech that helps techno artists get paidFeature about the problem of identifying electronic dance music in clubs for royalty purposes, and how a small computer built upon a Raspberry Pi is helping to identify tracks.

24th April, 2015

NMEIndependent music festivals contributed £1 billion to UK economy over past five years

A study by the Association of Independent Festivals found that over £1 billion has been generated to the UK economy by independent music festivals in the past five years.
16th April, 2015The EconomistThe music industry super fantasy

Article about the increasing use of apps and social media to drive fan engagement with artists, and provide revenue opportunities for artists.

20th January, 2015

The GuardianMeet Nipsey Hussle, the rapper who wants you to pay $1,000 for his album

Nipsey Hussle has come up with an innovative business model to sell his music. Give his album away as a free download, but make a limited number of physical copies, to sell at a high price, with added benefits included.

13th January, 2015

NMEMPs vote to reject changes to make secondary ticketing sites more transparent

UK campaigners against secondary sales of concert tickets at inflated prices have been dealt a set-back as MPs voted against reforming current rules.
11th October, 2014

Huffington PostHow venues are fighting back against annoying smartphone behavior

Feature exploring the measures taken by both artists and venues to try and curb the use of smart phones and tablets for filming and photography at music concerts, and how there is an increasing feeling that smartphone usage in this setting constitutes anti-social behaviour. 

7th November, 2014

IMGNTNSwift analysis & the Spotify debate

Blog post discussing (amongst other things) Taylor Swift's decision to keep her latest album release from Spotify, and the impact that this could have on streaming services, if other artists follow suit, thus demoting streaming services to 'back catalogue only' services. The business model that streaming services have adopted and it's sustainability is brought into question.

14th October, 2014

BBC ArtsMusicians: What have they got to complain about?

Inspired by Iggy Pop's John Peel Lecture 'free music in a capitalist society' this article debates the pros and cons of being a twenty-first century musician.

1st October, 2014

BBC NewsScheme trials age ratings for music videos shown online

Music videos shown online of artists signed to British record labels will from the end of the year be given an age classification from the British Board of Film Classification. This news video explores the pros and cons of this.

September 2014UK Music

Measuring Music September 2014

This is the second annual report from UK Music, which explores the economic contribution that music brings to the UK.
29th September, 2014

BBC NewsUniversal Music to place brands in music videosUniversal music group is to superimpose brands into music videos in an attempt to target products at audiences who may match particular demographics.

28th September, 2014

BBC NewsMeghan Trainor enters chart on streaming alone

News story about Britain's first entry into the top 40 official music charts through streaming alone. Meghan Trainor has reached number 33 with her song 'All about the bass' which has been streamed 1.17 million times over the past week, thus highlighting the rising popularity of music streaming services.

26th September, 2014BBC NewsThom Yorke releases new album via BitTorrent

Radiohead's Thom Yorke has released his latest solo album via BitTorrent in an attempt to bypass "the self-elected gatekeepers" of the music industry. The album 'Tomorrow's Modern Boxes' costs £3.68 and has been released seven years after Radiohead released their album "In Rainbows" and allowed their fans to pay what they wanted.

25th September, 2014The Guardian

Fans raise £90,000 to bring Foo Fighters to Birmingham

News features highlighting fan power and internet activism over big business ticket sellers. Foo Fighters fans are attempting to crown fund a gig in the UK by the band, where the pledges = tickets.
18th August, 2014

BBC NewsbeatOnline music videos get age ratings

News story about a pilot scheme to introduce age ratings on music videos in the UK.
2nd August, 2014

Live Music Exchange

The cultural value of live music from the pub to the stadium: Getting beyond the numbers

Synopsis of and link to a report about the cultural value of live music in the UK.
1st July, 2014BBC NewsWho, what, why: Where is the hardest place in the UK to be a busker?

Discussion feature exploring local bye-laws in parts of the UK that have different rules about allowing busking to take place.
23rd June, 2014BBC NewsOfficial singles chart to include streaming services

News article about the UK music chart, compiled by the Official Charts Company including streaming services in its compilation from July, after it was revealed that music streaming doubled in popularity in the UK between 2013 and 2014 from 100 million to 200 million streams a week.

17th June, 2014

BBC NewsYouTube to block indie labels as subscription service launches

News story revealing that independent music labels in the UK have failed to agree a royalties deal with YouTube, as the web platform prepare to launch it's own music streaming service. As a result the videos of hundreds of artists may be removed.

4th June, 2014

BBC NewsBilly Bragg and other indie musicians blast YouTube rates

News story about YouTube being criticised for paying low royalties to musicians who's work is uploaded onto the YouTube website. The EU has been asked to intervene.
3rd May, 2014

BBC NewsMore than 20 UK music festivals ban legal highs

News story about a large number of UK music festivals banning the sale of legal highs at their events, in response to concerns around their safety.
25th April, 2014

BBC NewsTicket resale clampdown rejected by government

News story about moves by a group of British Members of Parliament (MPs) to ban the re-sale of concert tickets at inflated prices by ticket touting websites being rejected by the British Government.

14th April, 2014

BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat

A decade of digital downloading from iTunes to Spotify

Feature reviewing the previous 10 years of legitimate music download services.
7th April, 2014BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat

PRS reveal a record revenue for 2013 of £665.7 millionThe Performing Right Society (PRS), which represents 100,000 musicians in the UK, and collects royalties on their behalf has announced a revenue of £665.7m in 2013, a 3.7% increase over 12 months.

3rd April, 2014

BBC NewsRyan Tedder: Songwriter shares his rules of pop

Interview with Ryan Tedder, a member of OneRepublic and a successful songwriter. In the interview Tedder gives advice as to how to release a song that will become a hit and be successful.
24th March, 2014Complete Music Update

VAT rule overhaul could result in 16p increase in MP3 unit pricing

News following the British March 2014 budget, which has introduced a rule stating that online sales will be taxed in Britain, rather than the country where the retailer is based. This could mean a 99p MP3 download increasing in price by 16p.

18th March, 2014International Federation of the Phonographic Industry

Music subscription revenues help drive growth in most major marketsNews from the latest IFPI report which highlights a fall in music download sales, and a rise in revenues from streaming services.
18th March, 2014The GuardianGlobal music sales fell in 2013 despite strong growth for streaming servicesNews article highlighting that globally in 2013 there was a 3.9% drop in music sale revenues, but a 51% growth in revenues from streaming such as Spotify and Deezer.

18th March, 2014BBC NewsJapan drags down global music marketAccording to the IFPI in 2013 there was a 16.7% decline in music consumption in Japan, the world's second largest music market, where physical media is still popular and the transition to digital business models have been slower than many other countries.

8th March, 2014

BBC NewsIvory Coast tackles music piracy

News video showing a new government initiative in the African country of Ivory Coast is designed to reduce music piracy, particularly from copied CDs.

7th March, 2014

Stenden University
(via YouTube)

Ian Yeoman on the future of music festivals: Play, technology and GlastonburyGuest lecture that introduces digital tattoos, enhanced cerebral networks and interactive experiences that take live music performances to a whole new level.
5th March, 2014BBC NewsSerious fun: BPM Festival organisers talk business

News video exploring the successes and economic impacts of the BPM electronic music festival in Mexico.
19th February, 2014

BBC NewsDigital sales are half of total UK music industry income

According to the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) in 2013 sales of digital albums and streaming accounted for a 45.5% share of music revenue, making a total of £365m, which is up from £326m in 2012.

12th February, 2014

BPIRock turns the table on popPress release from the BPI which reveals that in 2013 UK album sales were lead by rock music genres, with pop in second place. Pop music lead single sales, and also compilation albums. dance music genres are credited with making continued sales increases.

11th February, 2014

The GuardianT-Pain: Rappers will not work with Frank Ocean because he is gay

Feature exploring the issue of homophobia amongst urban music artists.
20th January, 2014

BBC NewsSpotify adds merchandise as Dr Dre readies beats music

Feature about the diversification of Spotify's business model, to include artist merchandise as well as news around the introduction of 'Beats' into the music streaming market.

7th November, 2013

BBC NewsParents fear 'sexualised culture' of music videos

Feature about concerns over sexualised music videos, in a survey by Netmums 82% of 1,500 respondents said that children had repeated sexual lyrics without knowing their meaning.
5th November, 2013

BBC NewsBeck, Arcade Fire and the Music Videos Inviting Fans In

News story about innovative use of video by musicians - interactive music videos.
2nd November, 2013

The GuardianIs the album dead? Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Elton John hit by dramatic US sales slump

News feature about declining album sales in the US. The US music industry, the world's largest market, has experienced a drop in album sales from 800m in 2002 to 316m a decade later.

15th October, 2013

University of Cambridge

The musical ages of modern man: how our taste in music changes over a lifetime

Study into how music tastes change throughout our lifetimes, shaping our personality construct and adapting to stages in our lives including adolescence, teenage years and throughout adulthood.



9th October, 2013

BBC NewsFrankie and the Heartstrings: Record shop boys

A case study of entrepreneurship in music retail and events. British indie band 'Frankie and the Heartstrings' took over the vacant tourism office building in Sunderland, and have since turned it into a music retail shop, community hub, and live music venue.
13th September, 2013

All Twitter Musicians with the most fake Twitter followers

Infographic depicting how music celebrities are attempting to boost their own profiles by having 'fake' followers on Twitter.

11th September, 2013

BBC News

TV soundtracks made millions for record industry

News article about a rise in revenue for British artists from synch, which is money made from royalties paid for the use of music in TV shows, films, video games and adverts.


16th July, 2013

BBC News Hip Hop word count analyzes the culture behind music

News video about the Hip Hop Word Count, an online hip hop lyrical analysis tool, which is useful for sociological analysis of hip hop lyrics. The tool has also revealed how commercial pressures have made songs shorts since the 1990s.

25th June, 2013 The New Statesman How the streaming-music boom is screwing over recording artists

News column feature that reveals the low amounts paid in royalties to musicians by various music streaming services.

5th June, 2013

The Guardian

Why have gigs got so expensive?

Discussion around a contemporary dramatic increase in the price of tickets at a number of live music events.


5th June, 2013 BBC News Pianist Krystian Zimerman storms out over phone recording

Feature exploring the contemporary dilemma faced by musicians today of members of the audience filming their performances.
4th June, 2013 BBC News Japanese singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu talks instant stardom

Feature exploring Japanese pop music's 'cute' subculture.
16th April, 2013

BBC News Digital music: Can streaming save music sales?

Feature about the growing importance of music streaming services, and how in some regions they are now competing with purchases in terms of revenue generation.

12th April, 2013

BBC News Should music fans stop filming gigs on their smartphones?

Discussion around music fans filming gigs, with arguments both for and against, along with an insight into a technology that could embrace this practice and put it to better use.

9th April, 2013

Official Charts Company

1 billionth singles download is sold in the UK!

News feature about the 1 billionth digital music download in the UK, 9 years after the launch of legal music downloads in the UK.


20th March, 2013

BBC News Music sales are not effected by web piracy, study finds

Article based upon a report by the European Commission Joint Research Committee (ECJRC), which has found that web piracy does not harm legitimate music sales.

27th February, 2013

BBC News Music piracy 'down' as revenues rise for first time since 1999

Online music piracy across the world "declined significantly" in 2012, according to a new report.

The NPD Group said last year the number of users on peer-to-peer (P2P) illegally downloading music fell by 17% - down to 21 million worldwide.

15th January, 2013 BBC News HMV: A visual history Graphic exploration of the rise and fall of HMV told through some of the landmarks of music business history from the 20th and 21st Century.

25th December, 2012

BBC News Small live rock venues - are they going down the pan?

Feature exploring the recent decline in small live music venues in the UK.
27th October, 2012 BBC News Rolling Stones: What is a fair price for a concert ticket Discussion around the rise in ticket prices for concerts, focussing specifically on the Rolling Stones and the comparatively expensive tickets to see them play.

24th October, 2012

BBC News Music and fashion reach out for crowdfunding

News video that highlights how musicians are increasingly turning to crowdsourcing in order to raise funds to produce albums.

19th October, 2012

BBC News

British musicians see overseas revenue double

British musicians and recording artists earned £188m in royalties from  overseas in 2011, according to a report by the Performing Right Society, which collects royalties from 150 countries on behalf of 90,000 UK songwriters, compsers and publishers.




17th October, 2012

BBC News 'Cynical' to pretend a song leaked, says music plugger

Radio 5 interview with a music industry insider, who reveals that alleged new song 'leaks' online, may all be a part of the promotion and hype.

8th October, 2012

BBC News When vintage tech makes modern music

Feature about the continued demand in music recording studios for 'older' recording hardware, in an era when software based recording using computers has become the norm.

7th October, 2012

BBC News

Chart attack: The Beatles' rivals in 1962

Article that explores which music was popular in 1962, many of these artists are still household names today. Artists with such a sustainable legacy are seemingly rare these days.


5th October, 2012

BBC News

US court to rule on Redigi's MP3 digital music resales

One-year-old start-up ReDigi is battling music giant EMI over whether digital music can be retraded after it has been legally purchased.

ReDigi says that its software is designed to comply with existing United States copyright laws.

But EMI argues a legal principle which allows consumers to resell purchased material goods does not apply.



4th October, 2012

BBC News The Beatles at 50: From Fab Four to fabulously wealthy

Article that explores the wealth of The Beatles as it has amassed over the years and the ownership of their intellectual property, as well as how the Beatles brand has been exploited to create a range of products from board games to ice-cream.

4th October, 2012

BBC News

Kabul alternative music festival 'Sound Central'

News featuring highlighting the second year for an international alternative music and arts ferstival taking place in the Afghanistan capital of Kabul. This highlights a potential growth market in a country where 'Western' music is rare and is often pop music from the Indian sub-continent.



1st October, 2012

BBC News Brian Eno on apps and albums Video interview with Brian Eno who is demonstrating an innovative new product, which can allow end users to easily create their own music using mobile devices.

1st October, 2012

BBC News Primark to sell music CDs in some UK stores

News story about the announcement by UK clothing retailer Primark that it will trial selling music CDs by artists signed to Universal Music Group labels in some of its stores. Primark have stated that music and fashion go well together. This highlights another threat to the UK high streets traditional music selling stores.

1st October, 2012

BBC News

Live music red tape lifted for small venues

Venues in England and Wales with a capacity of under 200 people will no longer need a licence for live amplified music.

The change in law is part of a government move to free businesses from red tape, which ministers say will give them more freedom to grow.


23rd September,2012  Music Industry News Network  Music Reveals Huge Potential Of Live Music Act new piece of legislation called the Live Music Act has been passed in Parliament. The act will have a huge impact on live music in the UK making it possible for more small venues to show live music.   
21st September, 2012

BBC News EMI-Universal deal cleared by EU and US regulators

News story about US and EU regulators giving the go-ahead for Universal Music to take over EMI, to create one of the largest music labels in the world, in doing so EMI will have to sell off some of the labels which it currently owns so the deal does not contravene competition regulations.

20th September, 2012     BBC News  Sales boost for music featured in Olympic ceremonies An article showing how artists who took part in the Olympic ceremonies have benefited greatly with sales increasing dramatically after their performances. 

17th September, 2012  BBC News  Ed Sheeran finds 'balance' in pirated music
The article is about illegal downloading of music and shows that Ed Sheeran is the most illegally downloaded artist in the UK closely followed by Rihanna and Rizzlekicks.


17th September, 2012

BBC News

A glimpse at piracy in the UK and beyond

Article based upon the results of a survey by Musicmetric, which reveals that Manchester is the 'music piracy capital of the UK'.


2012 IFPI Digital Music Report 2012

Report analysing the impact that the internet is having on digital music globally.


16th August, 2012

BBC News

Streaming music revenues up 40% globally in 2012

On-demand services like Spotify and We7 will generate £696m for the global music industry in 2012 - a rise of 40%, new research has suggested.

It means streaming music is the fastest-growing sector of the industry, overtaking downloads, which are due to see an increase of 8.5% this year.



19th July, 2012

BBC News Music piracy: Google under fire News story about the British Phonographic Industry turning its attention to Google for listing pirate websites in search results. The trade body wants the pirate sites pushed down the search rankings.

17th July, 2012

The New York Times

From desert to cruise ship: Coachella heads to sea

News story highlighting the growing trend in cruise ship based music festivals.


13th July, 2012 BBC News How fan-funding is changing the face of music finance

Feature about fan funding websites that are helping new musicians with loyal followers to support them financially by making donations and pledges.

31st May, 2012

BBC News Digital music sales outstrip CDs and records

News story highlighting a large growth in revenues from digital music sales in the UK.
10th May, 2012

BBC News On-demand music gets own chart News story highlighting the increasing popularity of music on-demand streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer and We7.

10th May, 2012

BBC News Beastie Boys return to US top 20

News story highlighting how the publicity caused by the death of Beastie Boys member Adam Yauch has lead to a dramatic rise in their music sales.

4th May, 2012

BBC News Plan B and Chris Martin back earplug campaign

News story about the dangers faced by musicians and those working or spending time in loud music environments of tinnitus. 

31st March, 2012

The Guardian

Have we fallen out of love with the great British music festival?

In the face of several British music festivals cancelling during 2012, including The Big Chill and Sonisphere, this article discusses whther market saturation, the economy, or competition from other events has played a part in slower than anticipated ticket sales.



28th March, 2012

BBC News

Raunchy dangdut music stirs debate in Indonesia

News video about Dangdut music, which is an integral part of Indonesian life.

The world's most populous Muslim nation even wants to register it as part of its musical heritage with Unesco.

But there are concerns it has become increasingly vulgar over the years. A growing and vocal group of conservative Muslims are unhappy. Critics say it has been corrupted by vulgar lyrics and erotic dances over the years.




26th March, 2012

BBC News Age ratings on music videos 'not necessary'

In 2011, a report was commissioned by the UK government, which said introducing an age rating system would protect children from sexual images and explicit lyrics in music videos.

Nearly 200 million music videos are watched per month in the UK on Vevo.

25th March, 2012

BBC News Musicians in Kuwait struggle with censorship

News video exploring the tough market conditions faced by the music industry in Kuwait due to state censorship.
24th March, 2012

BBC News Scotland's music festivals show rapid growth

Feature exploring the positive economic impact that live music is having on Scotland's tourism industry.

15th March, 2012

BBC News

Producers take to roads to keep the music studio alive

News video about recording studios, which used to play an essential role in producing hit music, but they have been in decline for years. Cheap technology means new tracks can be made in a bedroom and many studios have been forced to close. That has led to fears the skills that have made the UK music industry so successful could be lost.



13th March, 2012

BBC News Leon Theremin: The man and the music machine

Story about Leon Theremin the inventor of the Theremin, which was the world's first electronic musical instrument.
13th March, 2012

BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat

Festival boss criticises government over ticket resales News feature about Melvin Benn an organiser of major UK festivals criticising the British government for not taking action against resellers of tickets for music events, despite legislation being introduced to ban this practice for the London Olympics.

12th March, 2012

BBC News Spotify prepares German launch for its music platform

News story about UK music streaming service Spotify preparing to launch in Germany, which is Europe's largest economy, and Europe's largest buyer of music.

8th March, 2012

The British Government (via legislation.gov.uk)

Live Music Act 2012 An Act to amend the Licensing Act 2003 with respect to the performance of live music entertainment; and for connected purposes, which serves to remove some of the 'red-tape' and bureaucracy around the staging of live music events in England and Wales.

6th March, 2012 BBC News Earworms: Why songs get stuck in our heads

Science feature looking at why certain songs seemingly get stuck in our heads, and what the triggers for this are.
2nd March, 2012

BBC News Radiohead link up with 'ethical' ticket exchange

News story about British band Radiohead who have linked up with a web site which allows fans to sell tickets for their forthcoming UK tour to other fans at face value.

The band said tickets sold via their fanclub will be exchangeable via the Ticket Trust if a fan can no longer go.

It follows a Channel 4 documentary highlighting gig promoters selling tickets on secondary ticketing websites for inflated prices.

1st March, 2012

BBC News

James Vincent McMorrow's patient progress

Feature about creative entrepreneur and singer-songwriter James vincent McMorrow who self-recorded his own material, and who's fan base has steadily grown, often through word of mouth.


23rd January, 2012

BBC News Music industry attacks delays on piracy law

The UK's "slow progress" in tackling piracy been has called "disappointing" in a music industry report.

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) says delays to the Digital Economy Act mean levels of piracy are still high.

20th January, 2012

BBC News Live music red tape likely to be relaxed

Legislation which will make it easier for small venues to host live music has been cleared in the House of Commons.

It means many venues will no longer need to pay for a licence to host live music between 08:00 and 23:00.

16th January, 2012 BBC News Microchipped ID wristbands heading for UK festivals

News story about the introduction of micro-chipped wristbands at a number of European music festivals, that may soon be used in the UK, with Michael Eavis the Glastonbury Festival organiser reported to be interested.

9th January, 2012 BBC News HMV reports Christmas sales slump

Troubled retailer HMV has reported a sharp fall in sales for the Christmas period but noted a slowing in the decline of its music and film business.

Like-for-like sales, which strip out the effect of shop closures, fell 8.1% in the five weeks to the end of the December. Total sales were down 16.6%.

2nd January, 2012 BBC News Music sales slip in 2011 but digital singles and albums grow strongly

Press release from the British Phonographic Industry detailing 2011 trends in UK music sales.

20th December, 2011

BBC News

Parental advisory scheme extended to online music

The British music industry's parental advisory scheme has been extended to explicit content in music and video downloads.

The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) scheme has applied to physical music and video since 1995, with logos attached to material deemed offensive or inappropriate for children.

The logo now signposts unsuitable files on sites including iTunes and Amazon.



1st December, 2011

BBC News Could live music deregulation have a downside?

Feature exploring both the pros and cons of live music deregulation after changes have been proposed to the Licensing Act 2003 in England.

30th November, 2011 The Atlantic How musicians really make money in one long graph

Feature demonstrating how many units of music an artist needs to sell across varying retail platforms to earn the equivalent of the American minimum wage.

11th November, 2011 BBC News

Female artists dominate official album charts in 2011

A new generation of female artists including Adele, Jessie J, Rumer, Florence + The Machine, Katy Perry, Christina Perri, Birdy, Lykke Li and Lady Gaga, has taken the UK music industry by storm this year accounting for a record share of sales, according to exclusive new Official Charts Company data released by the BPI.


Female artists now account for one in three (33.3%) albums sold in the UK - the highest ever share in Official Albums Chart history, the new data reveals.

11th November, 2011

BBC News Where are the new music megastars?

The number of registered songwriters in Britain has topped 83,000. That's a 62% increase in just five years.
11th November, 2011 BBC News

EMI sells music unit to Universal for £1.2bn

News story about the 'big 4' music labels becoming the 'big 3' as EMI sells its recorded music unit to Universal and its music publishing unit to Sony.

11th November, 2011

The Guardian Return of underground rave culture is fuelled by the recession and Facebook

Examination of how recession, Tory government policy, and social media are helping to re-ignite the illegal rave scene in the UK.
7th November, 2011

BBC News Digital album sales smash 2010 total

Digital albums now represent 26.2% share of total UK album sales, up from 17.5% during 2010, according to the Official Charts Company data. This year, the Top 10 biggest digital albums have all sold more than 100,000 digital copies, including albums by Lady Gaga, Jessie J and Ed Sheeran.

31st October, 2011 BBC News Pete Townshend calls Apple 'a vampire'

The Who guitarist Pete Townshend has urged Apple's iTunes to use its power to help new bands instead of "bleeding" artists like a "digital vampire".

31st October, 2011

BBC News Virgin Media launches Spotify music deal tie-up

New customers buying Virgin's 30Mbps or faster broadband package in the UK will receive six months of free access to Spotify's premium service.

31st October, 2011

BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat

Britney Spears UK tour sparks discount ticket row News story which highlights the emerging trend within live music for dynamic pricing strategies, whereby tickets that are not sold by promoters are offered at discount rates via websites, thus ensuring that venues are full, but meaning that those who buy tickets early may end up paying more.

19th October, 2011

Entertainment Planet

The British music industry: Challenges and adaption in the twenty-first century

Article exploring the changes in music media and the impact that this has had upon aspects of the music supply-chain as well as the music labels, with predictions as to what may happen in future.

19th October, 2011 BBC News

Radiohead spearhead surge in vinyl sales

News story highlighting that sales of vinyl albums have increased in 2011 to 240,000 compared to 234,000 in 2010.
3rd October, 2011 BPI Three in ten albums now bought digitally

Downloads now account for 28.2% of all UK albums sales, up from 20.1% in the third quarter of 2010, new official market data released today by the BPI revealed.

22nd September, 2011

The Stage Musicians complain of being made to work for free at charity gigs

Feature about musicians, who have claimed at the Trade Union Congress conference that they are being “emotionally blackmailed” into working for free at charity concerts.
No Date Hypebot.com How much does a band earn from each music platform? Uniform Notion shares the numbers

Blog article highlighting the financial figures involved in selling music online through a number of platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and Deezer.
12th September, 2011

BBC News Eminem, Beyonce, U2: Do festival headliners matter?

Feature discussing the importance of headliners at music festivals. The article discusses the range in style, musical genres and the importance of 'brand' in choosing headliners.

12th September, 2011 BBC News

Rock veterans win copyright fight

News story about the EU Council voting to extend the copyright on sound recordings from 50 to 70 years.
7th September, 2011
BBC News

Victory for Cliff's law News story about EU music copyright, in Brussels today a key EU committee voted to approve a directive that would extend music copyright from 50 to 70 years.

28th August, 2011

BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat

'Free' music service goes live News story about the launch of We7 a free music service that allows listeners to access the entire back catalogue of Sony BMG, providing that they listen to a 10 second advert between songs.

18th August, 2011

BBC News
Karaoke website aims to hit the right note

Feature about a new business venture that allows users to create and download their own karaoke versions of popular songs.

18th August, 2011

BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat

Rockers AC/DC launch own label Australian wine range
News story about the launch of AC/DC wine, highlighting an example of product and brand diversification using the band's name, logo and imagery to sell something traditionally not associated with them.

18th August, 2011

BBC News
Musicians seek control of rights

News story about a fight about to take place by a group of US musicians in the US courts to gain control of their copyright once it exceeds the 35 year mark.

17th August, 2011

BBC News
London riots: Enfield fire hits Manchester's music scene

News story highlighting the devastating impacts that a fire started at a Sony warehouse by rioters has had on the Manchester alternative and independent music scene, along with the fragility of small independent music labels.

17th August, 2011

BBC News
Stars step up war on music leaks

Feature about 'Watch the Throne' the new album by Jay-Z and Kanye West, and the measures the artists and producers went to, to prevent it being leaked online prior to release.

8th August, 2011

BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat
Music festivals struggling due to overcrowded market

Feature about warnings over the UK music festivals market becoming overcrowded to a point beyond sustainability. A total of 31 festivals have been cancelled or postponed this year so far and many more are struggling to sell out.

29th July, 2011

BBC News
Jay Z and Kanye West album deal irks indie retailers

News story about exclusive album retail details being done by Jay Z and Kanye West which independent music retailers claim will do "great damage" to them and have sent an open letter to that effect.


26th July, 2011


In depth: How Björk's 'Biophilia' album fuses music with iPad apps

Feature about the new album by Björk called Biophilia, which fuses a traditional music album with an iPad / iPhone app to create something which is a more encompassing experiencing for the consumer, than just listening to the music alone.

21st July, 2011

BBC Radio 1

Traffic light plan for online music search results
News story about plans to make search engines indicate which music websites found through web searches are legal or illegal with a red / green colour coding.


19th July, 2011

BBC News Business

Baidu signs deal with music labels

News story about Chinese search engine Baidu, which has signed an agreement with a joint venture owned by Universal Music, Warner Music and Sony Music to distribute music through its mp3 search service. Baidu, China's biggest search engine, will pay the owners of the music rights on a per-play and per-download basis.


19th July, 2011

BBC News Magazine

Rebecca Black video: Turning 'dislike' into commercial success

Discussion of the Rebecca Black phenomenon where a song that was derided by the majority has brought fame and commercial success to this artist through the viral nature of how it was spread.


15th July, 2011

BBC News

Bucks Fizz acts await name ruling

News article about a legal dispoute between former members of the band Bucks Fizz who are divided about who owns the right to the name 'Bucks Fizz'. The name is currently owned by one former band member, however the other three former band members are also claiming a right to the name. The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) is currently in the process of making a decision.



27th June, 2011

BBC News

HMV sells its stores in Canada for £2m

News story about HMV, which is currently re-structuring its business in order to meet the challenges of the digital age.


26th June, 2011

BBC News

Glastonbury: Spirit of '71 vs Spirit of '11

Feature exmining how the glastonbury festival has changed over the past 40 years.


17th June, 2011

BBC Radio 4
Is pop too raunchy?
Audio discussion around sexual imagery and 'raunchiness' associated with popular music.


15th June, 2011

BBC News

The dark side of South-Korean pop music

Feature about K-Pop and how it's lucrative big business money earning potential has lead to questions over the unethical management of K-pop artists.



14th June, 2011
BBC News

The darker side of K-pop
News video highlighting the value of K-pop, and at the same time how artists are often poorly paid, or not paid at all.

16th May, 2011

BBC News
Live music boost for UK economy

News video about the importance to the UK economy of live music events.
16th May, 2011
BBC News
Live music events 'contribute £1bn' to UK economy

News story about the importance to the UK economy of live music events, following an industry survey, which demonstrated that at least 7.7 million visits to events in 2009 resulted in £1.4bn being spent, equivalent to a positive contribution to the economy of £864m, UK Music said.


13th May, 2011
BBC News

Limewire pays $105m settlement to music firms

News story about music file sharing provider Limewire's out of court settlement of $105m with record labels.

12th May, 2011

BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat

Digital music sales 'pass £1bn'

News story about digital music sales in the UK passing the £1bn mark. The BPI says £1,014 million has been spent since they were launched in 2004.



4th May, 2011
BBC News

Spotify turns up the heat on Apple

News video discussing strategic future plans and the business model of Spotify.

4th May, 2011
BBC News
Spotify aims to take market share from iTunes

News story about moves by online music service Spotify to increase it's iPhone and iPad presence in direct competition with Apple's iTunes.

3rd May, 2011
BBC News

Billion dollar bill for music site Limewire?

News video explaining the decision that US courts have come to in enforcing copyright infringement upon file-sharing site Limewire.

2nd May, 2011
BBC News
Ticket sellers agree to anti-fraud move

News story highlighting the problems faced by live music promoters in terms of fraudulent websites being set up to sell non-existent tickets, as well as counterfeiting.

28th April, 2011
BBC dot.Rory
Can Vevo's videos make money for music?

Blog feature discussing the business model adopted by Vevo, a company partly owned by major labels, which places music videos online (particularly on YouTube) and generates revenue from advertisements placed on them.

26th April, 2011
BBC News
South Korea's K-pop craze lures fans and makes profits

Feature about K-pop - Korean pop music and a newly recognised genre that is popular in many parts of South East Asia, and is part of a wider cultural movement that has become known as Korean wave.

26th April, 2011
BBC News
Hip Hop: The culture of getting rich

Feature discussing the economic importance of Hip Hop as well as the significance of Hip Hop in mainstream American culture.

21st April, 2011

BBC News Zimbabwe rewinds its musical technology

Feature about the continued use of cassette tapes in Southern Africa as a popular media for music.
15th April, 2011

BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat
Artists support record store day with one-off releases
News story about 'Record Store day' - a campaign by artists to try and persuade music buyers to purchase physical media from stores rather than as downloads. This initiative was supported by numerous artists recording special one-off tracks for the occasion.

15th April, 2011
BBC News
 Can record shops avoid extinction? Discussion feature analysing the chances of survival for record shops, featuring a case study of 'That's Entertainment' a second hand retailer that is opening new stores across the UK.


15th April, 2011

BBC News

Could the indie record store be on the comeback trail?

News story about a modest rise in the UK of independently owned record shops, suggesting consumer buying habits are evolving and want that consumers are wanting to speak to staff who are knowledgeable about music.



14th April, 2011
BBC dot.Rory
Spotify: Not so free as it was
Blog article discussing the changing business models being adopted by online music providers, with a focus upon Spotify.

29th March, 2011
BBC News
Amazon unveils cloud music player

News story about Amazon's launch of a cloud music player, allowing users to place their music collection online, so that it can be accessed from anywhere.

25th March, 2011
BBC Newsbeat
U2 and Arcade Fire's label ends CD and vinyl singles
News article about the decision by music label Mercury to end sales of songs on physical media.

16th March, 2011


Can HMV reinvent itself?

Blog post by robert Peston exploring the strategic choices faced by UK music retailer HMV.


14th March, 2011


Ministry of Sound: Two decades of dance

Video reviewing an exhibition about the last 20 years of Ministry of Sound from when they began in 1991.


11th March, 2011

BBC Newsbeat

Ministry of Sound marks 20th anniversary

Video marking clubbing giant Ministry of Sounds 20th anniversary.


11th March, 2011
Do bands need the internet to make it big?
Video evaluating the pros and cons of the internet on the music industry, with a particular focus on how bands have made use of the internet to raise their awareness.

8th March, 2011
Spotify hits milestone with 1 million subscribers

News story detailing the increasing success of online subscription based music firm Spotify.

24th February, 2011
Gracenote: Selling music by the cloud?
Article discussing the problems that artists can have to be discovered online, and how more music being played online is not converting into sales.

22nd February, 2011 BBC Is live music under threat in the UK Discussion article that examines the vibrancy of the live music scene in a number of UK cities. Link
13th January, 2011
How music-buying habits have changed
Discussion article around the methods by which consumers are now buying music.
12th January, 2011
Rocks songs have 'worst' year in chart since 1960

Article depicting the decline in popularity of rock music and its sub genres as 2010 proves the worst year yet for them in terms of sales in the UK.

11th January, 2011
A transformed musical landscape
Reflective look back at record shops, with contemporary positives and negatives around their demise.

10th January, 2011
Radiohead approve release of fans' charity concert DVD
News story that highlights the powers of citizen journalism, piracy, and the ease by which a charity benefiting video of a Radiohead concert was made by piecing together clips shot by fans in the audience.

6th January, 2011
Can HMV learn from global trends?
Article looking at the future of music retailer HMV, questioning whether music retailers can survive without the need for further product diversification. The article explores examples from around the world.

5th January, 2011


HMV to close 60 stores as sales and shares slump

News story highlighting the difficulties faced by Britain's leading music retailer HMV.


29th December, 2010
Bon Jovi are top earners of 2010

News story detailing the musicians who earned the most from touring in 2010.

15th October, 2010

Album price 'should drop to £1'
Report about Rob Dickins, who ran Warner Music in the UK for 15 years, saying that "radically" lowering album prices would help beat piracy and lead to a rapid sales rise.

 24th September, 2010


 Abba anger over Danish far-right's use of Mamma Mia

 News story about the use of the Abba song Mamma Mia by the right wing Danish People's Party (DF) at their rallies without permission from the song owners


 22nd September, 2010


 Nerdcore Podcast

 Podcast about the Nerdcore music scene

 Link (right click, and choose Save as...)

22nd September, 2010    


 Nerdcore: hip hop for rhyming geeks

Interest story about the rise of hip hop sub-genre nerdcore 


9th July, 2010 BBC
Recession grips US concert touring market

News article about the impact the recession has had on sales of concert tickets in the US and how this has resulted in some bands and artists canceling tour dates.

 1st July, 2010 BBC
Festivals feel the star strain News story about fees being paid to artists to appear at music festivals. Those within the music industry warn some festivals will inevitably go bankrupt due to these fees. Link
1st July, 2010 BBC
Prince in second free album deal with newspapers News story about Prince giving his new album away free with the Daily Mirror and Daily Record. The star's spokeswoman Kiran Sharma said the deal shows "it is still possible for artists to work in an independent and innovative capacity". Link
1st July, 2010 BBC
TV themes are hit UK music export News story about the value of TV theme tunes. TV was one of the biggest growth areas for British songwriters and composers between 2000 and 2009, with revenues rising from £15m to £50m. Link
28th June, 2010 BBC
Glastonbury Festival's hidden heroes Interesting story concerning some of the behind the scenes roles that are necessary at a large scale music festival. Link
24th June, 2010 BBC
Cash to be axed from UK festivals News story about major music festivals in the UK trialling a cashless on-site payment system, where the entry wristband that is warn is also pre-loaded with spending credits via an in-built chip. Link
 24th June, 2010 BBC
A Massive Attack of music in Croatia Interesting story about the growth of music festivals in Croatia, which has lead to greater inbound tourism from festival goers and music fans. Link
 June, 2010  Midem Library: Download exclusive white papers and presentations This page contains a whole host of links to websites, resources and white papers around the subjects of online music and social media. Link
 23rd June, 2010 BBC
Audio Slideshow: Highs and Lows of Glastonbury Festival Audio slideshow looking at some of the memorable moments of the 40 year old Glastonbury festival. Link
 23rd June, 2010 BBC
Glastonbury gates open to festival goers Video and news story about fans arriving early for the Glastonbury Festival 2010. The article discusses issues such as traffic congestion, and growing audiences / ticket prices that are a reality of major entertainment events. Link
21st June, 2010 BBC
Black Eyed Peas set downloads record The Black Eyed Peas 'I Gotta Feeling' has become the first ever single to be legally downloaded more than 1 million times in the UK. Link
 18th June, 2010 BBC
Festival headliners commanding huge fees News video and article about increasingly large fees being paid to artists to appear at music festivals and how this is being passed onto fans. Link
 18th June, 2010 BBC
EMI appoints new group-wide boss News story about the appointment of Roger Faxon as the new EMI group boss. Faxon was previously the boss of the EMI Music Publishing, but will now also have responsibility for EMI Recorded Music. Link
 17th June, 2010 BBC
 Music festivals 'are paying too much for artists' News article about a group of organisers that represent independent music festivals in the UK and Ireland claiming that top artists are demanding too much to appear at music festivals despite the recession.  Link
 13th June, 2010 BBC Festivals put green issues higher up the bill News feature about festival organisers reducing the environmental impact of UK festivals, which is increasingly on the agenda in terms of granting licenses and in festival marketing. Link

 9th June, 2010


 How computer games are creating new art and music

News article about the revival of chiptune music, which enjoyed its heyday in the 1980s, and was created using either a computer or video game console sound chip.


 9th June, 2010


From garden party to the new Glastonbury

 Interesting story about the creation of new small-scale music festivals and their rise into larger and more successful entities. Link

 9th June, 2010


 Radiohead's Thom York warns of 'sinking' record labels

 News article about Radiohead singer Thom Yorke who has told aspiring musicians to avoid the "sinking ship" of major record labels. Giving advice to young artists in a new school textbook, he said: "When the corporate industry dies it will be no great loss to the world.


 8th June, 2010 BBC

 Festival focus shifts from mosh pit to posh pit

Interest story about how large sacle festivals (predominantly music) have diversified their product offering to include 'luxuries' such as showers and cabin accommodation.


 7th June, 2010


 Rage Against the Machine perform free gig for fans

News video detailaing the story about a Facebook camapign that saw RATM make the number one slot in the UK singles chart in 2009, beating the X-Factor into second place. RATM performed a free thank you concert in Finsbury Park, London to thank fans for this.


2nd June, 2010


Kanye West and Rage Boycott US state     News article about musicians under the banner of 'Sound     Strike' using music to protest against law SB 1070 which is a legislative act in the U.S. state of Arizona that is the broadest and strictest anti-illegal immigration measure in decades. This article is a good demonstration of the often torrid relationship between music, politics and society. Link

30th May, 2010


Police aim to contain rave, with 2,500 in Pembrokeshire

News article about a large-scale illegal rave taking place in the Pembrokeshire National Park. Local residents were worried that the site might be left covered with litter and that there were no properly organised toilets.


28th May, 2010


Sound of the Underground

News article about London Underground - Britain's largest and most popular live music venue, holding auditions to offer busking licenses within its premises.



22nd May, 2010


Muslim Rocker on his 'Jihad' Against Extremists

News article about Muslim rock musician Salman Ahmad, who is using music to try and combat extremism in his religion, in the belief that that arts and culture can play an important role in performing this function.



21st May, 2010


What does a music festival say about you?

News article about market segmentation and consumer choice of music festivals as the season is about to kick off, with seemingly more people going than ever before. But what does your choice of festival say about you?


19th May, 2010


Sugababes fight Mutya Buena over name rights

News article about how members of the Sugababes have begun a legal battle over ownership of the pop group's name after former member Mutya Buena applied to own the trademark.



15th May, 2010


Removing the rock from the roll – censorship in pop music


News piece about how some words are understandably censored from songs but sin and bitch? Rebecca Nicholson on the new puritanism invading pop music



14th May, 2010


Music piracy unstoppable, Universal admits


News article about how the world's largest music company has admitted that piracy cannot be stopped.



9th May, 2010


The 10 best music festivals


News piece about the summer's top musical gatherings where you can experience the great outdoors, curse the rain, dance all day and enjoy an Angolan vegan-fusion barbecue



 15th April, 2010 BBC
Leeds Festival line up and history through the years Interest story about the history of the Leeds festival, including line-ups.  Link
 15th March, 2010 BBC
 Online music royalties 'grow more than fall from CDs' News article detailing that UK songwriters, composers and music publishers get from online sales are growing faster than the decline from CDs and DVDs.

That is the finding of PRS for Music, the not-for-profit body which ensures such groups are paid when their music is played, performed or reproduced.

It said UK online revenues for its members rose by £12.8m or 73% to £30.4m in 2009.


7th January, 2010


Downloads up as album sales drop


News article about how album sales continued to fall last year, despite being boosted by a growth in digital downloads, figures show.



26th December, 2009


How internet-based music services make their money


News detailing about how since the launch of Apple's iTunes in 2003, digital music has become big business.



5th November, 2009

Ars technical

Bizarre legal defense after EMI sues over Beatles MP3 sales


News story about how a federal judge has issued a restraining order against BlueBeat.com and its parent company, for both streaming and selling The Beatles remasters for 25¢ a track—we speculated that an entertainingly weird legal theory was at the root of this behavior.



10th September, 2009


Musicians hit out at piracy plans


News article about an alliance of music stars, songwriters and record producers has spoken out against UK government proposals to kick file-sharers off the internet.



25th June, 2009


‘Oldest Musical Instrument’ found

News story about a 35,000 year old flute being found in Germany.



26th May, 2009


New Rate for Music Digital Stream

News story about the Performing Rights Society’s move to reduce the royalties charged to online music providers for allowing music to be played online in the UK.



26th November, 2008


Musicians Urge Copyright Change

News feature about UK musicians petitioning against laws that see their work become out of copyright after 50 years.


6th October, 2008


TV ‘is failing new music stars’

News feature about criticism of UK TV by government for not showcasing new musical talent on prime-time TV.



30th April, 2008


Radiohead Album Stunt a ‘one-off’

News story around Radiohead giving their album away online for as much or as little as those downloading it wanted to pay for it.





Music Market Statistics

Page with links to reports into music industry sales.


29th July, 2007


No mud at ‘Japan’s Glastonbury’

Feature about the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan.


4th July, 2007


Licence Law ‘Damaging Small Gigs’

News story about the Live Music Forum protesting against small acoustic gigs needing an entertainment licence.



3rd April, 2007


EU Price Probe into Apple iTunes

News story about an EU investigation into Apple iTunes over possible restriction of customer choice.



2nd April, 2007


EMI Takes Locks off Music Tracks

News feature about EMI removing digital rights management software from their downloaded music tracks.



2nd April, 2007


Glastonbury Tickets ‘foil touts’

News story about tickets for the Glastonbury festival being registered to individuals in a bid to foil ticket touts.



2nd February, 2007


Thousands Sign up for Glastonbury

News story about the registration system for Glastonbury festival tickets.


28th September, 2006


Gambian pitfalls of kora politics

News feature about the rocky relationship between music and politics in The Gambia.



28th September, 2006


Will Downloads Liberate the Top 40?

Feature about the impact of downloading on ‘singles’ sales in high-street music stores.



25th September, 2006


BPI Wants Tax Breaks for new acts

News story about the BPI enquiring about its eligibility to receive tax credits as it conducts research into new artists.



19th September, 2006


Downloads set for Chart Dominance

News story about the impact that downloads will have on the UK music sales chart.



14th September, 2006


Branson Confirms V Fest Roll-out

News story about the corporate expansion of the Virgin V Fest concept and brand.



23rd July, 2006


Brits Decamp to Glasto Del Sol

News story about the Benicassim music festival in Spain (where warm weather is almost guaranteed) proving to be a major attraction to British festival goers.


1st July, 2000 BBC
Fatal crush at rock festival News story about eight people being crushed to death in Denmark at the Roskilde music festival. Link