01 - Introduction, Miscellaneous and General Concepts

'Entertainment is something that can engage or captivate an audience through sensory stimulation, which can invoke an emotional response amongst that audience' (Moss, 2009, p.1).

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20th January, 2016

The ConversationWhy art and culture contribute more to an economy than just growth and jobs

The cultural and creative industries bring more to society than jobs alone, they drive sustainable development and create inclusive job opportunities.
20th January, 2016

BBC NewsFairy tale origins thousands of years old researchers say

Article exploring research into the history of fairy tales and other modern-day stories.
19th January, 2016
BBC News'You are the modern day elephant man'

Article exploring the ethics of modern day 'freak shows'.
7th January, 2016

BBC NewsThe significance of Sarah Baartman

Case study based around racism, exploitation and ethically unsound practices (by today's standards) in 19th Century 'freak shows' where Sarah Baartman, a black African woman, was 'showed' for white audiences in London and Paris.

8th December, 2015

BBC NewsConsumers spending more on cars and leisure, says ONS

A report by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed that in the UK an increase in leisure spend.
8th November, 2015

BBC NewsA Point of View: Why people shouldn't feel the need to censor themselves

Article about censorship and self censorship, particularly in relation to sensitive issues such as race and religion.
23rd July, 2015

BBC NewsCambridge University titan arum flower attracts 11,000 visitors

Article which highlights how novelty can attract audiences, in this case to smell a flower that emits the stench of rotting flesh for 48 hours. This is the first time that the plant has flowered in 11 years, and it attracted 11,000 visitors.
7th December, 2014

BBC NewsMagic moments: Life in the entertainment business

Article exploring how small business entrepreneurs in the Scottish entertainment industries make their living.
15th October, 2014The GuardianGlastonbury restricts the sale of Native American Headdresses at 2015 event

Due to an online petition, the sale of North American Indian style feathered headdresses is to be restricted at the Glastonbury Festival due to the offence that the mis-use of this item may cause to people of native American origin.
16th August, 2014BBC NewsDisabled facilities at UK tourism venues 'must improve'

Article highlighting the need for better access for disabled people at visitor attractions. 
11th May, 2014BBC NewsGame of Thrones boost to economy in Northern Ireland

The television series Game of Thrones is filmed and produced in Northern Ireland, and has helped boost the economy there through jobs, and also increased tourism, as have other creative industries. This link features a news video that explain this.

14th April, 2014BBC News

Glasgow Red Road: Should demolition of buildings be used as entertainment?

Discussion around the ethics of building demolition as a form of entertainment, which has been provoked by the proposed demolition of five tower blocks in Glasgow as part of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony. This decision was reversed after protests and an online petition against this attracted over 17,000 signatures.

2nd April, 2014Arts Council England

Encouraging trends in public support for arts and culture

News following the publication of an independently commissioned report 'Stakeholder Focus Research 2014', which demonstrates a growing support for public funding of the arts in Britain,
13th February, 2014

BBC NewsFlood tourists welcomed in Worcester

This video from the BBC demonstrates how novelty attracts audiences of onlookers by highlighting so-called 'flood tourism' and its economic benefits to the city of Worcester.

23rd January, 2014

BBC NewsUK arts salary survey 2013/14Detailed report about working in the arts in the UK, including salaries, career drivers, job satisfaction, funding and the future outlook.

29th November, 2013

BBC NewsCouncil cuts put art spending back under the spotlight

Feature discussing proposed cuts to arts and culture budgets by local councils, with a focus on the North East of England.Link

31st October, 2013

BBC News

Arts funding: Should London get less?

Discussion around the imbalance of arts funding in London compared to the rest of the country.


 31st October, 2013

BBC News

Report claims London bias in culture funding

Newes story based upon the release of a report which discloses that spend per capita in London is £69 per person, compared with £4.60 per person for the rest of the country. (report is below)



October 2013

Arts ProfessionalRebalancing our cultural capital

A contribution to the debate on national policy for the arts and culture in England
Report into cultural policy within England that highlights a continued disparity between funding for the arts and culture in London compared to the rest of England.
3rd August, 2013

BBC News Mark Ravenhill: Austerity 'could be good for arts'

Feature about a statement by Mark Ravenhill, a British playwright, who has stated the austerity measures could be good for the arts, in encouraging more politicised and honest work from artists.

28th June, 2013 BBC News Damp Glastonbury gets under way News video exploring the diversification of the Glastonbury festival product to cater for children and young people.

23rd May, 2013 BBC News Robert Ripley: showman's unbelievable freaks and oddballs

Feature looking at Robert Ripley a showman from the US who attracted audiences by showcasing unusual people and feats. The story demonstrates the power of novelty in attracting audiences.

21st March, 2013

BBC News

What difference will arts cuts really make?

Discussion around the British Government funding cuts to arts based organisations, and how it will effect what artistic outputs survive in future.




4th March, 2013

BBC News Arts funding: Philip Booth on government culture funding

Video of Philip Booth of the Institute of Economic Affairs who looks back on an era when the arts didn't receive any government funding, and contrasts this with today.

29th October, 2012

Huffington Post The earned income ration Discussion about the earned income ration in arts organisations, the earned income ratio is the percentage of total revenue that comes from earned income.

23rd October, 2012

Huffington Post Worse than the boardroom: Meet the women challenging sexism in the arts

Discussion feature exploring the issue and reality of sexism across the arts.
22nd October, 2012

Arts Development UK Arts Development UK local authority arts funding survey 2012

The results from the UK local authority arts funding survey have been published.
22nd October, 2012

artsHub Disabled still missing out on arts Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show that in Australia only 56% of those classified as disabled, ageing or carers attended at least one cultural event or venue in the year to August compared with 86 percent of the general population aged over 15.

8th October, 2012

Arts & Business Private investment in culture 2010/11...full report now available

Downloadable research report that examines the support for culture and the arts amongst business and the private sector. The mixed report outcomes reveal some lessening of funding from businesses, but also some increases from the private sector, partly attributed to individual philanthropy and giving by trusts and foundations.

7th May, 2012

ArtInfo What does the election of Socialist François Hollande bode for art and culture in France?

Discussion around possible changes to artistic, cultural and entertainment policies in France with the election of a new president. Possible changes may be in arts education and laws  / policies around accessing / downloading content online.

29th March, 2012

BBC News Arts groups being hit by funding cuts, survey says

More than one in 10 arts companies who lost all of their core Arts Council of England funding have shut down or are closing, according to research.

The Stage newspaper contacted the 206 companies who lost their entire funding and found that 24 have ceased to operate or will soon do so.

March 2012 Vimeo Kingston Arts Council: Building arts communities in Kingston

Video case study of how the artistic community has been supported and grown in the city of Kingston, Canada.

18th February, 2012

The Economist The show must go on Article about the challenges now faced by the British creative industries in the face of funding cuts by the British government.

31st January, 2012

BBC News A wake up call to the importance of audience experience

Blog article focussing upon the importance of the audience experience, highlighting Red Bull sponsored events as exemplars of good practice.

17th August, 2011

BBC News
England's tourist attractions see rise in numbers

News story about a survey by VisitEngland, which found that admissions to English visitor attractions rose by 3% in 2010.

11th August, 2011

The Stage
Culture sector should use Spotify for inspiration, says report

News story about recommendations made in a report that has been produced for Arts Council England. In Supporting Growth in the Arts Economy, Tom Fleming and Andrew Erskine argue that the culture sector has to develop subscription models for online content in the same way that digital streaming service Spotify has done in the music industry.

23rd April, 2011
BBC News
Switzerland: Smelly corpse flower draws thousands

News story highlighting how thousands of spectators have flocked to see a flower that is the first of its kind to bloom in Switzerland for 75 years. The story demonstrates the significance of novelty in attracting audiences.

18th April, 2011

BBC News
Cambodian artists make waves in art world

Feature about the rise in prominence of art in Cambodia, with a case study of Cambodian artist Svay Sareth.


7th March, 2011

Arts and Cuts

"Far more people chasing after far less money"

Blog post about the impacts of the Government spending review and cuts to funding in the arts, this article is based around an interview with Chantal Guevara, Director of the Cloud dance festival about the challenges she faces.



4th November, 2010

Arts Council England to introduce funding applications
News story about the introduction of an applications system from the main public funding body for the arts.

Arts Council England, which distributes cash to about 850 groups, wants to make recipients more accountable and open up the process to new organisations.

22nd October, 2010

Spending review: Arts Council faces 30% cut

Report of the implications of the UK government's spending review in terms of funding cuts to the Arts Council.


20th October, 2010


Arts Council budget cut by 30%

News story about the cut in funding to the Arts Council following the British government's October 20th spending review.


 20th October, 2010


How are the arts funded in the UK?

Review of UK arts expenditure by BBC journalist Will Gompertz.


 9th August, 2010


 What makes a place worthy of World Heritage status?

 Discussion article surrounding the debate over which sites deserve to be awarded World Heritage Site status by UNESCO.


8th July, 2010 The Guardian The arts need a really big give that never stops giving Discussion article about the need for private investment in the arts in Britain, and a proposed strategy as to how this may be achieved. Link
2nd July 2010
Healthier, wealthier, living alone News article about the ONS social trends survey, which compares the lifestyles of the Briton's of today, with 40 years ago. Link
28th June, 2010 Magazin Deutschland Creative Competence Article about Germany's creative industries. Link
 15th June, 2010  Globe and Mail Canadians' leisure time shrinking News article that discusses a reduction in leisure time for Canadian citizens and the impact that this has on their lifestyles, which are the findings of a report to be released Tuesday by the Canadian Index of Wellbeing called Caught in the Time Crunch: Time Use, Leisure and Culture in Canada. Link
 10th June, 2010  The Independent Do our creative industries have the hunger - or the nous - for the globalised age? The seismic shift in technology is throwing up some great creativity as people at once have less money and more freedom. This article explores the challenges faced by the British creative industries in the digital age. Link

 10th June, 2010


 Arts hit by £60 million cuts

News video about funding cuts to the arts in Britain, and hopes from Government of a US style philanthropy culture developing. Link

 8th June, 2010

 The Stage

 London mayor plans ‘Oyster-style’ culture card

Londoners could soon be able to use an Oyster-style culture card designed to encourage repeat attendance at arts events across the capital. The proposal is part of the Mayor of London’s new draft culture strategy, which opened for public consultation this week 


8th June, 2010

 The Stage

CCE Survey reveals that 1 in 10 children have no access to the arts Ipsos MORI surveyed 2,452 parents of children aged up to 19 years. It found that although three-quarters of the parents said their child had taken part in a cultural activity over the last 12 months, one in ten said their child had not experienced the arts at all. Link
 June 2010  DCMS Estimates of productivity of the creative, tourism and leisure related industries - June 2010 The release presents the latest data, in chart and tabular form, for the indices of productivity (based to 2004) for the creative and tourism and leisure related industries as well as for the service sector and UK economy as a whole. Link

28th May, 2010


Sao Paulo releases Brazilian creative energy

News story about Sao Paulo's creative industry entrepreneurs converging. In the city a diverse network of musicians, playwrights, film-makers, painters, cartoonists, actors, singers, DJs, writers, poets, dancers, architects and fashion designers who have not only been busy producing work but are also helping to lend 21st Century Sao Paulo a cosmopolitan, artistic edge which is unprecedented.


25th May, 2010


Italy unveils first private high speed train


News video demonstrating the use of entertainment in the transport environment (one of the nine distinct entertainment environments), namely television and Internet as a selling point on Italy's new high speed trains.



22nd December, 2009


The beating art of Newcastle


News piece about Ouseburn's once derelict factories and warehouses are buzzing again with artists' studios, music venues and cinemas.



20th November, 2009

Computer Weekly

Digital Economy Bill supports creative and digital industries

News article about the UK digital economy which accounts for nearly 10% of the revenue produced by the whole British economy each year, according to business secretary Peter Mandelson.     


22nd July, 2009


New rituals for the British summer.

News article about the British summer. Alongside the time-honoured traditions are emerging trends that say much about Britain in the 21st Century.


18th June, 2009


Duck Charms Restaurant Customers

News story about a duck that lives on a restaurant’s premises being an attraction and bringing in custom. This demonstrates how novelty and spectacle can attract audiences.


9th October, 2008


Twitchers Delight Over Rare Bird

News story about a rare bird attracting hundreds of spectators. This demonstrates the importance of novelty and spectacle in attracting audiences, as well as the phenomenon of naturtainment.


24th March, 2008


‘Praying’ dog at a Japanese Temple

News story about a dog that makes a praying pose at a Buddhist temple which has caused attendance at the temple to increase. This demonstrates the importance of novelty and spectacle in attracting audiences.



US Department of Labor

Career Guide to Industries: Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation

Page detailing industry employment statistics in the US, including areas of industry in which people work, and occupations in industry.