Sunday, September 13, 2015

God’s Work Our Hands Fair!

As a congregation dedicated to serving, there are already lots of opportunities to serve!  Come to the fair on Sept. 13 from 9:40-10:30 to learn more about all the ways we serve here at St. Timothy!

One of our God’s Work Our Hands activities is stenciling storm d rains with help from Friends of the Mississippi River!  

What is a storm drain?

A storm drain is part of the storm sewer system that carries water from rain, snow melt, and your yard directly from your neighborhood into Minnesota’s rivers, lakes, wetlands, and groundwater. The purpose of the storm drain system is to rapidly drain storm water before it floods our 

streets and homes.

Why stencil this message?

People who would never dream of polluting a lake or stream may pour antifreeze, fertilizer, paint, used motor oil, or animal waste down storm drains. In addition, when storm water runs off roofs, trickles across parking lots and flows down a storm drain, it picks up such things as grass clippings, leaves, pesticides, motor oil, and pet waste and carries them into storm drains. The storm drains provide a direct route for these pollutants to flow into our rivers, lakes, and streams. Stenciling and distributing door hangers is a fun way to educate people about the simple steps they can take to keep Minnesota’s waters clean.

If you are planning to participate, please wear wear old clothing and old shoes!




St. Timothy Packing Day @

Saturday, September 12, 2015

2:00-4:00 pm, in Coon Rapids

We have 70 spots open for serving at FMSC — will you be one of our packers? 70 pairs of Our Hands can do A LOT of God’s Work of feeding hungry children around the world! 

All ages are welcome!

Sign up on the Youth and Family Bulletin Board, or go to and click “join a group” and enter our join code 682767. If you don’t want to sign up online, just let Pastor Ruth or Jessica know and we will sign you up. Caravan leaves from church at 1:30, or meet us there. All ages are welcome - invite a friend!