Map & Directions

St Thomas Anglican Church

6897, Somerled Ave.
Montréal, QC
H4V 1V2
Tel.: (514) 484-2750

The Church is located at 6897 Somerled  on the north side in between Rosedale (on east corner) and Mariette (to the west).

BUS ROUTES close to St. Thomas' (102, 51, 162, 138, 104)

The 102 bus travels along Somerled and there is a stop near Mariette west of St. Thomas', and another slightly further east of St. Thomas'.

The 51 bus travels along Fielding and there is a stop at Rosedale. Just walk a block south and you will arrive at St Thomas'.

The 162 bus travels along Monkland and stops  at Rosedale and you walk 2 blocks north to St. Thomas'

The 138 and 104 buses travel along Cavendish and stop at Somerled and the walk is 6 blocks west along Somerled.

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Saint Thomas' Anglican Church