Chiddingfold Village Cemetery

Who Manages the Cemetery?
The Chiddingfold Village Cemetery Company Limited (the “Company”) manages and has the care and control of the Cemetery. 

The directors of the Company are:
Mr I G Tylee, Fisher Lane Farm, Fisher Lane, Chiddingfold, Godalming, Surrey GU8 4TB
(tel: 01428 684 643)
Mr J R Dewhurst, 805 Falcon Wharf, 34 Lombard Road, London SW11 3RF
(tel: 020 7223 6059 or 020 7403 0787)
Mr R N D Allen, Dyers House, Fisher Lane, Chiddingfold, Surrey GU8 4TG
(tel: 01428 683130)
Also involved in the management of the Cemetery is:
Mrs Nita Draper, North Brow, Ballsdown, Chiddingfold, Godalming, Surrey GU8 4XJ
(tel: 01428 682052)
Enquiries and applications should be made to Mr Tylee or failing him to any of the directors listed above.  All funerals, burials or disposals of ashes and laying of memorial stones are under the control of the Company.  Any works must be carried out to the satisfaction of the Company and anything placed or planted on any grave, other than an approved memorial stone, becomes the property of the Company and may be removed should it be considered necessary.
Who May be Buried in the Cemetery?
The following persons may (at the discretion of the Company) be buried in the Cemetery:
  • those who resided in Chiddingfold up until the date of their death
  • those who died in Chiddingfold
  • those who had some other relevant connection with Chiddingfold.
Where are the Burial Records and Whom Should I Contact?
The Register of Burials and other records are held for safe-keeping by Mr I G Tylee at his address given above.
Your funeral director or monumental mason will be working closely with the Company in arranging burials and laying memorial stones.
In most cases they will prepare and complete all the paperwork on your behalf and pay any fees required including those of the Company.
Who Chooses the Position of the Grave?
The selection of the gravesite is at the discretion of the Company and allocations are made by the Company.  There is no right to reserve a gravesite before a person has died except in the case of the second burial in a double plot (see below). The gravesites have now been numbered from 1 to 114 and some of the initial gravesites are not in numerical sequence. It is the intention to fill the gaps initially and then continue burials in the numerical sequence of the gravesites.
The Garden of Remembrance for ashes has been numbered in rows and it is the intention to bury ashes by row numbers.
How are the Graves Arranged?
In order to keep the Cemetery in a neat and tidy state, memorial stones should be of a uniform size and must be approved by the Company before being laid.  No border edging of any kind should be placed on a grave. 
For similar reasons, the gravesites are to be kept clear of any plants or vegetation and the grassed areas kept flat and unplanted, with the exception of flowers placed in the sunken vases, which will be provided by the Company. The Company does however, have a policy of planting bulbs, such as daffodils and snowdrops, which may spread naturally to individual gravesites.
Specifications for Memorial Stones
All memorial stones should be of natural stone or other materials approved by the Company, and should be no larger than 15” (37.5 cm) x 15” (37.5 cm) x 2” (5 cm).
Wording on a memorial stone must be approved by the Company and must be carved into the memorial stone by a professional monumental mason.
Single and Double Burials
A single grave may be prepared for one or two burials and, in the case of two burials, sufficient space must be created for the second body to be buried above the first.
How are the fees paid?
The burial fees are reviewed annually and are published in a separate notice and are in the hands of all the local funeral directors who are responsible for the collection of burial fees. Generally the funeral directors arrange and seek approval of memorial stones and make all necessary arrangements with the stone masons
Are Kerbstones and Enclosures and other Grave-markers Allowed?
The Company is anxious to maintain a high level of maintenance and to ensure a high standard of care for all the plots within its control.  Any kerbstones or other enclosures on any grave would present difficulties in this respect and are therefore not permitted.
Temporary grave-markers, such as neat wooden crosses, may be placed on each grave but relatives are strongly urged to remove these within a maximum of two years after the burial and, if possible, much sooner.
What are My Responsibilities for the Memorial Stone?
A memorial stone is the responsibility of the friends or relations who organise the burial.  Although the Company is not responsible for maintaining a memorial stone nor for any damage caused to it, relatives/friends will be advised of any damage and will be given time to arrange for its repair or removal.  In the case of a memorial stone which has become dilapidated, the Company may remove it, following which storage will be arranged for one year to allow relatives/friends sufficient time to deal with the problem. 
A memorial stone laid down without permission may be removed without notice.
Those who organise the burial are responsible for levelling off the grave after subsidence has occurred.
What Floral Tributes Can I Place Upon the Grave?
Floral decorations may be placed on any grave, in the sunken vases provided by the Company.
(See “How are the Graves Arranged?” above).  In order to keep the Cemetery in a neat and tidy condition, floral tributes will be taken from the grave and disposed of as soon as they are seen to be decaying.
Artificial flowers and candles may not be placed on a grave or anywhere in the Cemetery.
Grave digger
All graves are to be prepared by the appointed grave digger Mr. Tony Curtis tel. 07789140483
The funeral directors will arrange the digging with Mr. Curtis and seek our approval of the plot to be prepared. The funeral director will also pay Mr. Curtis fees including skip hire. 

General Information
Fees for 2010
Single plot                                                                   £550
Double plot                                                                 £750
Burials of ashes and urns                                                         £150
Other matters
In addition, each time a grave or plot for the ashes is opened to place a Memorial Stone or for any other reason a permit fee of £150 is payable.
Grave digger
All graves are to be prepared by the appointed grave digger Mr. Tony Curtis tel. 07789140483
The funeral directors will arrange the digging with Mr. Curtis and seek our approval of the plot to be prepared. The funeral director will also pay Mr. Curtis fees including skip hire.  
          No reservation of plots                              No upright headstones
Size of Memorial Stone                  15” (37.5 cm) x 15” (30 cm) x 2” (5 cm)