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Prayer List

Remembering Those in Special Need of Prayer
Dennis Conatser, Sarah Cord, Sarah and Patrick Soyk (who just lost Patrick's mother Judith Soyk), Linda Myer (daughter of Joan Collins), Madaline Whitlock, Jayne Fudge, Bruce Collins, William Clayton (5 yr old brother of Victoria Gunther Clayton) Jerry Lange, Sherry Labute Brink, Barbara Laiklam (sister of Nora Conatser), Vergie Stoltz (aunt of Michelle Knott), Dan Cannon (father of Melissa Cheplicki), Robert Morrow and his family (brother of John Morrow), Jeanne and Thomas Thaut, and Carl Stockmaster. We also pray for all those affected (physically, spiritually, financially) by the coronavirus. We pray especially for "essential personnel" who are at work in hospitals, police and fire stations, grocery stores and restaurants, and warehouses, as well as truck drivers. 

Continuing in Our Thoughts and Prayers
Gamper LingeIII, Jean Silvassy, Sam Trupiano, Wesley Whitelock, MaryAnn Wilson, Scottie and Ginnie Copotosto, Steve Edson, Fran Hall, Marilyn Hammond, HaleyIsham, Ed Johnson, Mitchell Keehn, Jeanne Metelic, Beverly Labute Perry, Mike Woods, Tim Mirabitur, Jr., Sgt Josh Howard (deployed to Africa, friend of Jessica Angeles), Major Christopher Madyda (nephew of Diane Weinman), Angie Waite (cousin of Bill Morgan), Cookie Lengyel, Abbie Zettlemoyer (friend of the Begemans), Jay Ray and his family and his employees, and 
Jeff, Cathy, and Heather Voorhees (brother, sister-in-law, and niece of pastor Andrea).