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Being the church

OK, Church. Here are some thoughts on new ways to be the church in Wyandotte. As we look ahead to the next program year (starting in September), here are some ideas. If you feel the Spirit moving in you about one (or more!) of these ideas, please talk with Pastor Andrea. New ideas are also always welcome.

Hospitality Team
Mission: To help the ECW and Men’s Club with church-wide events, help develop and implement new church-wide events (movie nights, family game nights, couples nights, etc.), and make sure that the coffee hour schedule is covered each week

Repair Café/Maker Space Team
Mission: To investigate the feasibility of organizing a Repair Café or Maker Space at St. Stephen’s. (If you’re not familiar with these terms, a quick Google search will give you lots of information!) The basic idea is that the church should be a resource for the community and a leader in developing relationships. Both of these ideas are ways to do that, using one of our core resources – space.

Community Dinner Team
Mission: To investigate the feasibility of having a monthly dinner open to the community. This would include our St. Stephen’s family (church + organizations that use our building), people who are hungry, people who are lonely, etc. Donations for the meal would be accepted, but not required. The basic idea is again community-building, along with seeing and serving Christ in our neighbors.