About St Stephen’s…..

We are a welcoming school with a friendly and supportive staff who work together in creating a stable and caring environment for your child. We firmly believe that all children, not only have the potential, but also have the right to achieve. At St Stephen’s we recognise this by taking into account the individual needs of each child and also the collective needs of our school community. This enables us to provide meaningful learning experiences and opportunities allowing children to succeed.

The nature of education is constantly changing and evolving and this presents schools with many fresh challenges. At St Stephen’s, we welcome such challenges as an opportunity to introduce fresh thinking and ideas so that the education we provide for our children is always of the highest standard.

The foundations of our work 

The foundations of our work are based on the messages we hear in the gospels. In our aims and daily practices, we strive to live out the teachings of Christ and how we can adapt these teachings in a way that is meaningful to our children and school community. Our school caters for and welcomes Catholic children, children of other faiths and children of parents, who in exercising their right of choice, desire a church school education for their child. This helps provide a rich and diverse school community where all children are treated equally and can make a positive contribution to the life of our school.

Although we can do everything in our power to ensure your child receives the best education possible, we know we cannot do it alone. Therefore, we require and encourage the support of parents if we are to fulfil our common obligation of seeking the best for our children. The contribution of parents should never be under-estimated and, because of this, we try to involve them wherever possible. When your child becomes a pupil at St Stephen’s, you become a teacher working with the staff and the school.