Prayer  Suggestion

The Book of Common Prayer has many prayers, especially in the section beginning on p. 814.  Alternatively, please consider reflecting on the following, from the writings of St. Irenaeus of Lyon (d. ca. A.D. 200):

Man was created by God that he might have life.  If now, having lost life, and having been harmed by the serpent, he were not to return to life, but were to be wholly abandoned to death, then God would have been defeated, and the malice of the serpent would have overcome God’s will.  But since God is both invincible and magnanimous, He showed His magnanimity in correcting man, and in proving all men, as we have said earlier.  But through the Second Man [= Jesus Christ], He bound the strong one, and spoiled his goods, and annihilated death, bringing life to man who had become subject to death.  For Adam had become the devil’s possession, and the devil held him under his power, by having wrongfully practiced deceit upon him, and by the offer of mortality made him subject to death.  For by promising that they could be as gods, which did not lie in his power, he worked death in them.  Wherefore he [= the devil] who had taken man captive was himself taken captive by God, and man who had been taken captive was set free from the bondage of condemnation.  (Irenaeus, Against Heresies 3.23.1)