Early History Concerning St. Simon The Fisherman Episcopal Church 1965-6 

In the summer of 1965, a small group of Episcopalians attended services at the Edward Dropper vacation home,  north of Port Washington, where Fr. Victor Bolle, Vicar of Christ Church, Whitefish Bay, WI was also vacationing.  Holy Eucharist was conducted at “Silver Crest,” the Droppers’ home on several successive Sundays.  The names of those attending are listed as follows:  Stanley & Dorothy Bennett, Edward & Sylvia Droppers, Donald & Jean Fisher, Jill Fisher, Warren Stringer & two of his sons, Elizabeth Merker Sligh, Rev. & Mrs. Victor Bolle. 

In February, 1966 Fr. Larry Trayser of St. James Church in West Bend began conducting services, on fairly regular basis.  The services were held in the Port Washington homes with Episcopal Church connections. Attendance of service had been gotten to 35 worshipers.  This led to early Sunday evening services at the Masonic Temple.  Fr. Paul Eaton of Milwaukee and Fr. Allen of Mequon substituted for Fr. Trayser as needed.