Visitor and local talks are welcome and can be scheduled for any open Friday (nominally 2 PM is our reserved meeting time) by contacting Eileen or Norman.  Please see the schedule below for upcoming scheduled talks.

Journal Club Organizers are Eileen Meyer and Norman Grogin. If you would like to give a talk or join the mailing list for AGN-RG, please email one of us.

To subscribe to the AGN_RG Listserv group, send a blank email to:  

You will receive an email back confirming your request, please follow the instructions in that email.

Upcoming Meetings

April 3 - Francesco Tombesi - Molecular Outflows from AGN

(as of now, any future Friday is open for speakers)

Using Vox Charta: You will need to register to be able to login and vote.  Please note that at present, Vox Charta does not allow you to be a member of several journal clubs under one login.  So if you are already a Vox Charta member, to vote on stsci-agn papers you will either have to temporarily change your affiliation, or create a separate login (based on a different email address) just for stsci-agn.  We recommend the latter, but it is up to you.

Voting is easy: simply go to our Vox Charta page and look through the day's papers, and click the "promote" button while logged in.  Note that you can do this anytime in the two weeks before Journal Club. 

VOTING WILL CLOSE AT NOON ON WEDNESDAY to promote having enough time to actually read/skim the selections.


If you are the first person promoting a paper for discussion, please consider also checking the "volunteer to present" button.  While not strictly required, it will help guarantee that the top papers have presenters.

Papers that you vote for do not have to be from the current weeks astro-ph.  If you want to go back and find an important paper you think deserves review, you can search for it on Vox Charta and promote it.

Presentations are extremely informal, the main requirement is that the presenter actually has read the article.