Use the links to the right on this page to access materials that are helpful for you and your students in regards to Math. Click on the Useful Links tabs and also the Forms and Documents tab to the right.You can access your child's AR progress through the Red Bank website. Once you are on the site click on the Parents tab, then the Library tab, and then the AR link. You will need to use your child's AR log on information to get onto the site. If you need assistance because your child doesn't remember their user name and password just let me know and I will forward it to you.

 There are weekly tests that focus on the spelling words that are sent home on Fridays in the homework packet. The spelling words will generally be generated from our reading series "Treasures". 

There will also be a Common Core Math test that will be generated from the daily warm up exercise that they do every morning. We will have periodic math tests that will be from the material that we cover in the textbook. 

We will have a weekly Daily Language test that will be over the daily work that we do every morning.In addition to this we have a Common Core Language workbook that we use every morning also.

The weekly reading test comes from our Treasures book and is closely tied to the study guide that students complete in class. I encourage students and parents to review this on Thursdays as the test is on Fridays.