RESULTS from using structured water

Life-enhancing, photon-filled water...from your tap!
~ the way water is meant to be.

In 2012 a professional laboratory test was conducted in Germany for a company in Spain, comparing  local tap water with the same water run through a CNS Water unit. The tap water was predictable - evidence of toxins, chemical additives, etc. Their conclusion about the CNS Water sample:

The CNS Water sample

For more details see particularly p.4 of the report and the comparative photos, pp.6-8.

Victoria White in a 2013 you-tube speaks about structured water and the effects she has noticed over the years

Research study: Effect of drinking 1 glass of structured water in chronic dehydration case

Suggestions on HOW TO USE your CNS water unit

Client responses to using their CNS water units

Testimonial of good health and energy
from a young apple tree in the Sonoran desert of AZ ~ an abundant crop of juicy apples in August while simultaneously producing more blossoms for another crop! This tree was planted in January 2008 and has been watered with CN biophotonic structured water since 2009. Normally, apple trees blossom only once a year, in spring:

Photo by Victoria White, near Tucson AZ, 5 August 2010

Testimonial on using a CNS Water unit on a trip to India: I took my biophotonic Garden Unit with me to India (2011) and used it for 5 weeks in Mumbai ("Bombay"), Delhi and Punjab. I can't believe I risked using it in Mumbai, but I did, filtering and drinking tap water in a very ordinary streetside hotel: didn't get sick at all! ~ AG (Update: My sister and I used a Portable CNS Water unit on our trip to India in 2012. Same results: Didn't get sick.)
- AG, Phoenix, AZ

What kind of results can you
expect from drinking and using structured water?  It's a very individual matter.
Here are a few of the health benefits CN structured water users have shared -- totally subjective, non-scientific, just personal experiences. For an "objective" view, please browse the Before & After photos in the water-testing laboratory analysis done in Germany.

Users claim:
- lots of energy
- feel energized after drinking a glass of CN structured water even when exhausted
- chronic psoriasis minimized
- dry hair transformed into smooth, glossy hair
- smoothe, supple skin
- wrinkles disappear
- nails and hair: stronger, healthier
- thirst deeply quenched
- don't have to eat so much: feel energetic and well-nourished on less, weight stabilizes
- feel calmer
- jaccuzzi stays clean
- dentures get cleaner overnight in a glass of structured water than scrubbing them
- reduced bad breath smell
- clothes wash cleaner (most commercial detergents include chemical "water softeners" because it helps the water to penetrate your clothes ~ but structured water is soft by nature, so it is excellent for washing clothes)
- kitchenware, mirrors, bathtubs, showers: shiny clean, no scum or blotching (removes
calcium and other deposits; calcium etc. reduced to a powdery film that is easy to blow or dust off)
- structured tap water is definitely pH balanced (use the litmus test)
- plants grow vigorously; trees produce more fruit
- tanks, bird baths, pools: stay cleaner, "bubble" in the sun (oxygenation at work?)

One enthusiast says: I have definitely noticed health improvements since structured water was introduced into my life. My skin is healthier, feels softer and is more supple (like it’s hydrated or something!).
I have more strength and vitality, my digestion is better, muscle mass has increased ~ I notice it most in my arms and legs ~ and my hair is thicker too. When I'm with my two brothers, everyone thinks I'm the youngest!   (VW, Tucson)

Click here for some diseases and signs of ill-health that have responded well ~ lessened or disappeared ~ according to regular users of structured water.

You can also browse the GARDENING and HEALTH pages for specific results associated with using structured water.

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