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Life-enhancing, photon-filled water...from your tap!
~ the way water is meant to be.

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Installing a Whole House Unit ~ by Clayton Nolte, the inventor
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  • Whole House Unit: $999                    Dynamically Enhanced House Unit: $1499
  • Shower Unit: $249                            Dynamically Enhanced Shower Unit: $399
  • Portable Unit: $249                          Dynamically Enhanced Portable Unit: $399
  • Garden Unit: $349                            Dynamically Enhanced Garden Unit: $499
  • Under Sink Unit: $349                       Dynamically Enhanced Under Sink Unit:  $499
  • Commercial/Pool Unit: $1499           
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Whole House Unit: $999 (USD)

Shower Unit:  $249 (USD) 


Portable Unit: $249 (USD) 

Garden Unit: $349 (USD)

Under Sink Unit: $349 (USD)

Commercial/Pool Unit: $1,499 (USD)

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Clayton Nolte's overview on installing a Whole House unit:
The [Whole House] Structured Water unit goes on the first entry into the home and it’s an inline device, it’s bi-directional, it doesn’t matter how you put it on. An installation takes about a half an hour. It’s just a matter of measuring the pipe and cutting the pipe and slipping this in between. And from that point on, all the water that passes through it will be structured. And it will go into all the pipes in your house, through your water heater and into every place that you use water. So the first thing that will happen is your water heater will start dropping all the sediment that’s built up, all the aggregates; the calcium buildup within it will drop to the bottom. So you have to flush it occasionally in order to eliminate that stuff. And the other direction, it will go to everything you consume, everything you bathe, it will go down the drain, it will go back into the sewers, and if it’s in a city it will go back into the processing system and may enhance their system.

Processing your order in USA

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  • You can pay by check or credit card
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  • You get FREE SHIPPING (USA) on all the units
  • All units come with the manufacturer's 90-day 100% money back satisfaction guarantee
  • All units have a 20-year replacement warranty
  • Free informational CDs sent with your invoice

CD of Victoria White's fascinating interview of Clayton Nolte, the inventor-developer of the CN water structuring device: Victoria is an experienced TV interviewer, and it shows ~ this is not your usual run-of-the-mill interview; her questions evoke some pretty fascinating information. You get a free copy with any CN device you order, along with a compilation of you-tube shorts. Or you can order copies through Victoria at any time.


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