Life-enhancing, photon-filled water ...from your tap!

~ the way water is meant to be.

The purpose of this website is to share information about Clayton Nolte's biophotonic structured water units. We have modulated our enthusiasm and amazement over "structured" or natural water by giving a simple presentation of information: the left sidebar sections take you to Q/As, you-tubes, scientific studies, a product list with photos, resources and testimonials from people who use CN structured water units.

What does structured water do? To cut to the chase, go to a close-up look at what scientists and photographers are recording:

  • A scientific study on the "glow" emitted by different types of liquids - scroll down to see distilled water, tap water and structured water
  • A you-tube showing blood test imaging before and 12 minutes after drinking one glass of structured water (go to the 2.15 mark for the section concerned)
  • A photographic comparison between trees grown with CN biophotonic structured water and trees on the same property put on structured water 8 months later

  • To hear Clayton Nolte himself, answering questions on what structured water is and how these CN biophotonic water structuring devices work, click here.
  • And here is Victoria White, long-time user of structured water and interviewer of Clayton Nolte, speaking about structured water.

You may find drinking biophotonic structured water is the most valuable health insurance you have ever invested in!
~ less than $1 a day for one year for a basic Kitchen (under sink) structured water unit
~ $2.75 a day for one year only for a basic Whole House structured water unit that is lifetime guaranteed

Here's to the very good health of you and everyone who drinks water at your home!

              • By email: victoria@cnswater.com
    • You're welcome to speak with Victoria at 520.325.3400 (M-F 10am-5pm AZ time)
Photo credits: Source of photos on this site is Victoria White, unless indicated otherwise


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