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Life-enhancing, photon-filled water...from your tap!
~ the way water is meant to be.

You-tube of Victoria White speaking about structured water

Does structured water have any effect on human health?

It seems to. You can read the highlights in the European lab test to see some of the scientific reasons why CNS Water is healthy.

Numerous regular users have experienced what they claim to be improvements in their health, from skin conditions clearing up to a big increase in their energy level and an overall sense of feeling good.

Keep in mind that most of us are chronically dehydrated. Drinking water generally has a harder surface tension than our cell walls, so the water we need is not being assimilated at the cellular level. As Chloe Wordsworth states in Transforming Unconscious Patterns with Resonance Repatterning:
The brain is 75–85% water. A well-hydrated brain amplifies
the electrical conductivity that allows electrical
currents to spread quickly
throughout the brain. The brain shrinks when
we are dehydrated.

A Radionics practitioner in Arizona tested the effectiveness of CN biophotonic water as a 'product' for two different clients, and their before/after readings went from 60-70% or lower to 100% in all the areas checked, viz:
  • Parasites, pathogens, bacteria, viruses, fungus > implying that CN biophotonic structured water would be highly beneficial (100% effectiveness or functionality) for those 2 individuals if they wish to treat candida, hepatitis-C, HIV, cancer or any other health issue in the above category
  • Neurotransmitters (naturally occurring serotonin, nureppinephron, dopamine, etc.) > implying that CN biophotonic structured water would be highly beneficial (100% effectiveness or functionality) for those 2 individuals if they wish to treat depression, anxiety, bi-polar disease, psychosis, fibromialgia and any other health issue in the above category. (Note that use of meth and heroin causes the body's dopamine receptors to 'drop out', which can cause the person to become psychotic and bi-polar for life.)
  • Memory > implying that CN biophotonic structured water would be highly beneficial (100% effectiveness or functionality) for those 2 individuals if they wish to treat memory loss and memory-related health issues
  • Vitality > implying that CN biophotonic structured water would be highly beneficial (100% effectiveness or functionality) for those 2 individuals if they wish to treat their 'vitality' ~ the most fundamental and essential aspect of their health and well-being. When our vitality measures low, we can die.
The Radionics practitioner commented that he has never seen a product that carries so much energy and is so effective in raising one's vitality level. Compare this with the findings in the European lab test - they're both in agreement.

How long does it take for structured water to have a positive effect on health?
Here's a you-tube that includes a section showing the analysis of a blood sample, before and 12 minutes after the person drank a glass of structured water ~ "utterly amazing" results, said the doctor who conducted the test. [Go to the 2.15 mark for the section concerned]
  • Before: The red blood cells have lost their electrical charge so they clump together, including a huge symplast. Symplasts are associated with heart disease, arthritis, lung disease and other conditions of ill-health.
  • After: Twelve minutes after drinking a glass of structured water, the patient's cells look bright on the screen, well defined, not clumped; they are "buoyant and slippery" and they have an electrical charge so they repel each other, allowing them to carry oxygen and change the pH of the blood, turning the blood into an aerobic, rather than an anaerobic, environment.
Are you saying that particular health symptoms will clear up straightaway?
What we're saying is that on the cellular level, it seems that changes take place immediately, whether or not particular health symptoms clear up straightaway or over time. Structured water isn't a magic pill. It's simply natural water, the way water is meant to be ~ and this kind of water is inherently life-supporting and health-supporting, full of energy, light and molecular movement, with properties that protect and promote our health and well-being.
    Often people don't notice their health improvements because it all feels so normal and natural. One user, for instance, reports that she began soaking her dentures in structured water overnight and suddenly
realized after two or three days that the usual buildup of black plaque on the roof area of the plate was entirely gone. Normally, her dentist told her, it can only be cleaned off by soaking the plate in chemicals overnight; it doesn't respond to scrubbing or scraping. So if structured water has that much cleansing power, what might it not do in terms of cleansing our bloodstream (as in the you-tube above), our organs, intestines, cells... It sounds like it has a huge potential for improving our health.

What kind of health conditions respond well to structured water?
I imagine all health issues would respond well to structured water. Why? Because "structured water" is natural water and it's full of molecular movement, light/photons and energy. (Click here for a list of health issues that have become less bothersome for regular users of structured water.)
    Stagnant water, tap water, bottled water, reverse osmosis water, distilled water, and any water that runs more than 300' along a straight pipe have for the most part lost the life-giving quality of natural structured water. The result is they do little if anything to hydrate our cells and organs, bring oxygen to our bloodstream and our cells, or support us in attaining and maintaining optimal health in mind and body.
    A friend of ours had one of these blood visualizing tests and was told she was dehydrated. She drank a lot more water every day for a month and had another test: she was still dehydrated. Just about all of us are dehydrated because the water we drink is not structured, so its surface tension is far more than the maximum of 45 dynes that allows for absorption through our cell walls ~ and so we manifest all sorts of symptoms and diseases. One doctor calls them "our body's many cries for water" (Dr Batmanghelidj's book of this title).
    As the you-tube (above) shows, drinking one glass of structured water brings about extraordinary changes in the bloodstream within 12 minutes; so drinking structured water on a regular basis, with its low surface tension allowing it to be absorbed at the cellular level ~ well, it makes intuitive sense, doesn't it, that we can expect our health to improve in numerous ways when our entire body gets hydrated on the cellular level for the first time in our life!

List of health effects and some results from using structured water: > click on CNW for posts on CN biophotonic structured water



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