GARDENING with structured water

Life-enhancing, photon-filled water...from your tap!
~ the way water is meant to be.

Do plants respond well to structured water?
Here you see a pink blossom on an apple tree.
So? Well, it's August and the tree is covered in mature apples.
Blossoms only come in spring
and then they develop into fruit 3-4 months later.
So this young apple tree is
not only producing a bumper crop of juicy apples,
but it's suddenly producing blossoms in August ~
for another crop of apples later in the year?
...Or just a sign of how alive and well it feels
on structured water?

Photo of mature apple and blossom: click here.
Photos by Victoria White, 5 August 2010, near Tucson AZ.

Is there any evidence ~ photos, for example, or you-tubes ~ showing the difference between crops and trees grown with and without structured water?

Yes, there is exciting evidence from gardeners and farmers using CN biophotonic structured water, both in organic gardening contexts and commercial non-organic settings.

Organic fruit trees, grown by neighbours, with and without structured water ~ a photographic comparison

Two groups of organic almond trees, grown by the same gardener, with and without structured water, providing extraordinary proof of what structured water does ~ a photographic comparison

Strawberry fields, non-organic commercial operation ~ you-tube tours showing the effect of:
  • one watering with CN water
  • the effect of regular watering with CN water over a period of weeks
  • the 'field' or entrainment effect of CN water up to 1,000 feet beyond the CN watered area
  • the 'yellow divide' where the ordinary water area takes over
  • the test results evaluating the comparative sugar levels in each area
What kind of results can I expect from watering with CN biophotonic structured water in my yard?
  • When you water your garden with structured water, you can expect to use 20-30% less water than usual. Some people even claim 50%. That's a significant savings when you count both the cost of water and the saving of water, given the serious water shortages in California, Texas and other parts of the US and other countries.
  • Fed structured water, plants grow well ~ whether seeds, vegetables, herbs, bushes, saplings or trees. According to feedback we've received, plants mature sooner, are healthy and produce well. Ants may even exit from your property, according to gardener Roger Daggett's experience!
  • Fruit and nut trees mature sooner, are healthy (with dense foliage and well-developed trunks) and produce an abundant crop of fruits.
At StairwayToHealth, Dr Constance writes:
The Volga Research Institute in Russia irrigates huge areas with "magnetized" water ~ which is also described as "structured" water. It produces a 28% increase in winter wheat production, 17% in corn, 37% in cucumbers and 32% in tomatoes, just to name a few! And it has produced larger radishes, onions, corn and many other vegetables. This equates to a real increase in productivity because foods are not only larger [but] more plentiful.

At, we'd be very interested to hear about
your gardening experiences with structured water ~
with photos or you-tubes to show what you are describing.
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