FARMING with structured water

Are there any farmers out there using cnswater units ~ aka 'structured' water or 'hexagonal' water? Yes!

Fed with structured water
We have heard about large-scale dairy farmers, pig farmers, chicken and turkey farmers using structured water with impressive results: saving thousands of dollars because the animals become so much healthier they don't need the usual doses of antibiotics. Small-scale and large-scale fruit and vegetable growers talk about improvements all round: less water used, lower bills, fast maturing, long lasting, bigger crops, better tasting.

Does the cnswater unit filter out invisible parasites and heavy metals, etc.? 
Apparently any water that is structured has the natural ability to hold all contaminants in the central portion of the molecular structure. The structured water molecule remains intact as it passes through the body of the person or the animal: the interior of the molecule cannot be broken down, so the body only assimilates what is on the outer portion of the molecule. Clayton Nolte says frequently that with structured water, we assimilate what is healthy and we naturally eliminate what's at the interior of the molecule, including whatever is unhealthy, without getting affected by it.

So what about e-coli and waterborne contaminants?
Dairy cows that drink structured water
Here's a graphic example: A well on a dairy farm was diagnosed with e-coli, affecting all the cows; when a structured water unit was installed and the cows were drinking structured water, no more e-coli showed up in the tests.
What about watering commercial crops with structured water? Any differences?
There's the well-known case of a commercial strawberry growing operation with you-tube tours (below) showing the effect of:
  • one watering with CN water
  • the effect of regular watering with CN water over a period of weeks
  • the 'field' or entrainment effect of CN water up to 1,000 feet beyond the CN watered area
  • the 'yellow divide' where the ordinary water area takes over
  • the test results evaluating the comparative sugar levels in each area
Strawberry fields and CN structured water:  (7:53 mins)

Strawberry fields revisited:  (6:23 mins)

And then there's the Volga Research Institute in Russia, which irrigates huge areas with magnetized water ~ water that is also called 'structured'. The treated water produces a 28% increase in winter wheat production, 17% in corn, 37% in cucumbers and 32% in tomatoes, just to name a few! And it has also produced larger radishes, onions, corn and many other vegetables. This equates to a real increase in productivity because foods are not only larger [but] more plentiful. (Stairway To Health, Dr Constance)

The Roger Dagget YouTube has a very interesting story to tell about his search for a way to get high nutrient density in his crops - and the results he now gets using a structured water device since 2000, combined with other organic soil treatments, resulting in high-grade tomatoes and 56lbs of #1 cucumbers from one cucumber plant.

Is structured water different from hexagonal water?
Somebody asked Clayton Nolte (as quoted in his book): "I have a friend who wants to use hexagonal water for a soil amendment product we are going to be manufacturing. Does the structured water unit create hexagonal water?"
And his answer: "Yes, it does create hexagonal water (a natural balance ~ fact of Nature). Structured Water is Nature's balance."

We chose to name Clayton Nolte’s water structuring device 'CN' (as in just so we all know we're talking about the original structuring device that Clayton Nolte came up with. His device has been marketed, with his permission, under many different names ~ Ultimate Water™, Genesis Water™, Utopic Water™, Fluid Machine™, Ultimate Structured Water™, Rare Water™, True Water™, Ultra Water™, Photonic Water™, and also The Current, Ultimate Balanced Water, Balanced Structured Water, BioPhotonic Water, BioPhoton Water... There may be other names, too ~ just be sure to find out whether they are genuine Clayton Nolte units. All the ones mentioned here are Clayton Nolte’s technology, but of course each distributor will understand and explain the device and what structured water is in a slightly different way.

So what kind of results can I expect from watering my crops with structured water

  • When you water with structured water, you can expect to use 20-30% less water than usual. Some people even claim 50%. That's a significant savings when you count both the cost of water and the saving of water, given the serious water shortages in California, Texas and other parts of the US and other countries.
  • Fed structured water, plants grow well ~ whether seeds, vegetables, herbs, bushes, saplings or trees. According to feedback we've received, plants mature sooner, are healthy and produce well. Ants may even exit from your property, according to Roger Daggett's experience!
  • Fruit and nut trees mature sooner, are healthy (with dense foliage and well-developed trunks) and produce an abundant crop of fruits.

To sum up the agricultural use of CN structured water, as one website puts it:

Plants   Experiments conducted by private and commercial growers across the country have consistently shown improvements in the quality, quantity, and health of products grown, from tomatoes and cucumbers, to strawberries. Other observed phenomena include:

  • Significant increases in shelf life.
  • Significant increases in nutrient density (brix measurements)
  • Field effect that extends far beyond area actually watered.

Animals   Experiments conducted in agricultural (dairy and poultry) applications indicate significant results, including:

  • Dramatic reduction in water consumption (dairy)
  • Accelerated growing rate
  • Decreased chick mortality (poultry)
  • Healthier brooding lots
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