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This page covers the following questions:
  • How does the Clayton Nolte biophotonic unit work?
  • Is CN structured water genuine? Is the CN structured water measurably different from ordinary water?
  • How do you know the CN water structuring device increases the light (photons) in water?
  • Is it true you can increase the light or photon energy in liquids by passing them through the CN device more than once?
  • There's a you-tube on structured water ~ is it the same?
  • What is the surface tension of structured water about?
  • I've heard water should be pH balanced. How does the Clayton Nolte structured water rate?
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How does the Clayton Nolte biophotonic unit work?
They are tubular devices about 9" long that you attach to the (inflow) water pipe in your house, or under your kitchen sink or direct onto your shower, or to a tap/spigot outside in your garden. That's it ~ it's ready to use! The multi-directional movement of the water through the unit creates a simultaneous double vortex (one spinning clockwise, one counterclockwise) that restructures the water and revives it, however stagnant the water may be ~ apparently by reintroducing photons or life in the form of light and movement at the molecular level.

Is CN structured water genuine? Is the CN structured water measurably different from ordinary water?
There are three simple checks anyone can do. More info here
And here is a testimonial and the story of how an early user of structured water got to meet Clayton Nolte ~ in the very early days when he was travelling round, selling units out of his car.

How do you know the CN water structuring device increases the light (photons) in water?

Tests have been done using a sophisticated GDV (gas discharge visualization) analyser. The GDV images indicate a different quantity of "bio-photon energy" in different samples of water. The different levels of energy show up as different levels of brightness or light in the water. The moving images in one such study, conducted in Taos, New Mexico, show:

A drop of distilled & Reverse Osmosis water is a small flashing point of light

A drop of tap water in this high mountain region (Taos is at 7000 ft with some of the best water around) looks like a nice pulsating star of light ~ a body of light changing shape, symmetrical, non-symmetrical, with rays of light coming out unevenly all around

A drop of CN structure d water (using a House Unit) is a larger, very bright pulsating globe of light with rays of light coming out evenly all around ~ a coherent globe that almost completely fills the whole image

Scientifically, the GDV test showed there was an 89% increase of biophoton energy in the structured water sample compared with the mountain water.

I've heard you can increase the light or photon energy in liquids by passing them through the CN device more than once. Is that true?

Victoria White says:

Regarding increasing the structure by putting water through your unit multiple times, first of all, It is thoroughly addressed in an interview I did with Clayton Nolte last year.  I am in the process of posting the audio of that interview here: ... To answer your question briefly here - water can be measured using a GDV device, which measures the biophotonic output of any living thing (its light signature). Clayton found that by running water through a whole house unit multiple times, he could double and triple the photonic output as measured by the GDV. After about 3 times, the light output started leveling off, so that after recycling water through the unit more than 4 times, the light signature remained the same, at its maximum.  

The various other Clayton Nolte units have a different structuring capacity depending on size.  I believe you said you purchased the portable unit.  If we were to give the structuring capacity of the portable unit a #1, then the whole house unit would have a structuring capacity of a 4.  In other words, it does 4 times the structuring of that of the portable unit.  So to max the photonic output of the portable unit, you would want to put water through it at least 12 times.  That would be equivalent to putting water through the whole house unit 3 times.  Hope this makes sense!  And if not, the full explanation from Clayton will be on my website soon!

There's a you-tube on the internet that shows the energy in different water samples ~ the structured water is called Utopic Water. Is that the same as Clayton Nolte's structured water device? It doesn't mention Clayton Nolte, so I wondered whether it is the same?
We name Clayton Nolte’s water structuring device "CN" just so we all know we're talking about the original structuring device that Clayton Nolte came up with. His device has been marketed, with his permission, under many different names ~ Biophotonic Water, Ultimate Water™, Genesis Water™, Utopic Water™, Fluid Machine™, Ultimate Structured Water™, Rare Water™, True Water™, Ultra Water™, Photonic Water™, and also The Current, Ultimate Balanced Water, Balanced Structured Water, BioPhoton Water... There may be other names, too ~ just make sure they are genuine Clayton Nolte units. All the ones mentioned here are Clayton Nolte’s technology, but of course each distributor will understand and explain the device and what structured water is in a slightly different way.

I've heard that the surface tension of structured water is different from other kinds of water. What is that about?

Clayton Nolte mentions that you can put a drop of tap water on a piece of cardboard and it'll just sit there, whereas a drop of structured water will not hold its shape ~ it gets absorbed into the cardboard. High surface tension (a drop holding its shape) makes it difficult (if not impossible!) for tap water and other high tension non-structured water to be absorbed through cell walls. Ditto on the ground: water with a high surface tension is not readily absorbed by the soil or by plant rootlets.
    Apparently, the surface tension needs to be about 46 dynes per cubic centimenter (pcc) to be absorbed at the human and animal cellular level. Or to put it another way, cell walls are typically 46 dynes pcc, so if you drink water with a surface tension higher than that, your body is going to go thirsty.
    Because most of us drink water with a high surface tension, we are dehydrated on the cellular level ~ leading to premature aging, poor brain function and vulnerability to disease. (More on that in books like Batmangheladj's Your Body's Many Cries for Water.) As a point of comparison (with thanks to Wes at for his research and in-depth explanations):
    • distilled water and city water is in the range of about 72 dynes pcc (up to about 78 pcc)
    • alcohol is 28 dynes pcc (that's why it's absorbed into the bloodstream so fast)
    • Clayton Nolte structured water is 43 dynes pcc ~ well within the parameters of optimal absorption (46 dynes pcc being the tension of cell walls)
I've also heard that water should be pH balanced. How does the Clayton Nolte structured water rate?
Structured water naturally has a balanced pH ~ not acidic, not over-alkaline, around 7pH. Is the Clayton Nolte water structured? You can measure this for yourself by putting one drop of water on a sliver of litmus paper and comparing the change in colour with the colour chart provided. If you have linked a carbon filter or other filtering system along with the CN water structuring device, the pH will not be so balanced ~ "you'll lose a point," as Clayton Nolte puts it.
    The significance of pH balanced water is this: A balanced pH is health-supporting; even slight acidity is detrimental to human health.
    How does the pH of other water compare with structured water? Again, you can do the litmus test. You'll find that most water in bottles (stored too long?) or from taps (stored in huge reservoirs and/or piped through straight pipes exceeding 300 feet?) give an acidic reading. You take it from there.


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