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Questions covered on this page:
  • How does structured water work with a reverse osmosis (RO) system?
  • Do you need to filter structured water to get rid of invisible parasites, giardia, heavy metals, etc.? 
  • What about chlorine?
  • What about chemicals in bath and shower water ~
  • we absorb 6-8 cups of water every time we take a shower or bath...?
  • Does the structuring device deal with incoming water that's too acidic?
  • What's the big deal about acidic water?

How does structured water work with a reverse osmosis (RO) system? Does RO un-structure the water? Is it a good idea to purify the structured water using an RO setup?
Reverse Osmosis doesn't 'un-structure' the structured water coming through your CN water structuring device, so you may certainly combine the two ~ BUT: if you are thinking of using an RO system, it's good to be aware that it involves a hefty triple wammy ~ it removes all the minerals you need from the water; it uses up precious water reserves (4 quarts for every 1 quart you drink); and the leftover toxic wastewater tends to kill off helpful bacteria in the septic system connected to your house and the entire community. Read on for more info on this.
    MINERALS: Clayton Nolte points out that RO removes all the minerals in the water, which may result in your body compensating by leaching the minerals it needs from somewhere else in your body. Not good! RO water, according to Clayton Nolte, is 'hungry' water ~ it takes all and gives nothing; whereas structured water is inherently beneficial because it has the ability to 'contain' contaminants without eliminating minerals and other life-supporting components that your body needs. So if you pass your structured water through an RO device (or vice versa), you are losing the entire mineral content of the water.
    ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: The RO process requires approximately 4 gallons of water to produce 1 gallon of RO water; the leftover 3 gallons of wastewater are so over-concentrated with salts and other minerals removed from the RO water that they are a threat to the good bacteria in your septic system and in the whole community's septic system.

Dairy cows that drink structured water
Do you need to filter structured water to get rid of invisible parasites, giardia, heavy metals, etc.? 
Clayton Nolte says to go with your comfort level on this. Apparently any water that is structured has the natural ability to hold all contaminants in the central portion of the molecular structure. The structured water molecule remains intact as it passes through our body: the interior of it cannot be broken down, so our body only assimilates what is on the outer portion of the molecule.
    Clayton Nolte says frequently that with structured water, we assimilate what is healthy and we naturally eliminate what's at the interior of the molecule, including whatever is unhealthy, without getting affected by it.
    It sounds amazing, doesn't it? Here's an objective example from agriculture: A well on a dairy farm was diagnosed with e-coli, affecting all the cows; when a structured water unit was installed and the cows were drinking structured water, no more e-coli showed up in the tests.
    Clayton Nolte, who has spent years with access to cutting-edge analytical equipment, including the examination of water properties and experimenting with water at super-subtle levels, overflows with admiration and appreciation of the life-giving properties of water and its life-protecting mechanisms. Here's what he says on contaminants ~ which includes chemicals as well as giardia and other 'invisible parasites', as you called them ~ and how structured water and non-structured water deal with them:
The water molecule has the power, the individual mandate, to protect life ~ and that is to protect it from the things that are adverse to life and to generously provide the things that are good for life.  And the way it does that is the things that are adverse to life are pulled to the inside of the molecule and shielded from life itself.
    ...[Structured water] assimilates the things that are bad for life. Chlorine is bad for life. Fluoride is bad for life. Toxins are bad for life. From this small structured water unit, you will consume the water with the toxins inside of it, and if there is still room in the water molecule it will start pulling those things that are in your body into it as it’s passing through you; it will detoxify your body.
    The water molecule can’t be broken down; all you get from the water is what’s on the outside ~ all that is usable to you. Structured water only pulls things from the body that [are] bad for life. It gives freely and fully all the things that are good for life. Distilled water, RO [reverse osmosis] water, is "hungry" water. It has no discerning power, nothing to discern what is good and what is bad. It takes it all.

So if you're not comfortable with the idea of 'consuming the water with the toxins inside of it', run your structured water through the filter of your choice. There are a lot of us who live in places where the water is questionable (the US included) and travel to places like Mexico, India and Africa where even the residents use filtration systems if they can afford it ~ so it would be wonderful to take along a CN Unit and know that we are safe from Delhi Belly. If I come across specific research on giardia and other parasites and structured water, or people's experiences using the CN Units when they travel, I'll post the info here. UPDATE: I took my Garden Unit with me to India in March 2011 and used it for 5 weeks in Mumbai (Bombay), Delhi and Punjab. I can't believe I risked using it in Mumbai, but I did, filtering and drinking tap water in a very ordinary street-side motel: didn't get sick at all!

Here's a Q/A with Clayton Nolte:
Will the Structured Water Unit protect me against giardia?

A:  See the word anaerobes (anaerobic) in the description. Structured water enhances aerobic bacteria and eliminates anaerobic bacteria. How does it do that? Well the answer is oxygen, lots of free stable oxygen. This is an automatic result of Structured Water’s balance of Nature. Again I say Structured water can not enhance elements detrimental to life and this statement is inclusive of diseases. Bodies of surface water, standing water, water in and around cooling systems, water that is used over and over is dead water; water void of free stable oxygen, void of life force energy and overburdened with memory.

The answer is yes.

What about chlorine?
The bad news is: if your source water is heavily chlorinated and it smells and tastes bad, you will still smell and taste the chlorine even if the water is structured. You may well need to use your chlorine filter as well as the water structuring device.
    Here are some alternatives: Try blowing across the top of your glassful of water ~ it's may be enough to disperse the gas that's sitting there on the surface of the water. Fill up a jug with structured water and leave it in the sun ~ the chlorine will disperse.
    (Chlorine is lighter than water and heavier than air ~ that's why gardeners often fill up a couple of buckets, we're talking non-structured water, of course, and let them stand overnight before using the water on their plants: to give time for the chlorine to evaporate.)
    What about the chlorine inside the water if you don't blow it away? That's the good news, remember: it's held in the central portion of an unbreakable molecule of structured water and will pass out of your body without causing any harm.

What about chemicals in bath and shower water that we absorb 6-8 cups of every time we take a shower or bath? 

Again, whether in the form of steam or hot/cold water, structured water "contains" the toxins and you'll eliminate them naturally, without adverse health effects, even if you breathe the water molecules into your lungs as vapour/steam. It sounds phenomenal ~ a new way of understanding water and how protected we are from water-borne contaminants when we use structured water.
    Read Clayton Nolte on this "containment" process, in the quote above. It's so different from our normal understanding of water that it bears slowing down and opening up the mind to what he's saying to begin to "get" it ~ or not, as the case may be. Go with your comfort level ~ and with your personal experience.

What about water acidity? Does the structuring device deal with incoming water that's too acidic? 
Yes, it does. Your tap water may be acidic; even bottled water, especially when it's been in transit and on the shelf for a long time, may be acidic. When acidic water runs through a Clayton Nolte structuring device, it becomes pH balanced. (Check it out with litmus paper.)
    How is this possible? It's simple. One of the characteristics of all structured water is that it is pH balanced. So although the city water or your well water or your bottled water may start out giving an acidic reading, by the time it goes through the water structuring device, it should be pH balanced. Confirm it for yourself.

What's the big deal about acidic water?
Good question! It is a major health concern. Acidity in our body and in our water can lead to sickness. If our body is unable to maintain a healthy pH balance, it can even lead to death. So when we drink pH balanced structured water, it's more than just quenching our thirst. It's like consuming a power-filled, life-enhancing nutrient. Yes I know, we don't often think of water as a "food," but ideal water is just that: a phenomenal, energy-filled, light-filled food that is pH balanced and gives us dynamic energy on the physical as well as on the mental-emotional levels.
    Does that sound over the top? Here's another agriculture example: They've found that dairy cows and turkeys on structured water don't eat as much and yet they grow exceptionally well, are healthy and maintain their correct body weight. By the animals' own choice, their food intake is less. It sounds to me like the structured water in some sense is a "food" and they feel satisfied and well nourished on less other kinds of food that they normally eat.
    I like what Clayton Nolte says about "balanced" water:
The neat thing about structured water is it’s balanced. It’s absolutely balanced. And it’s the balance of nature that brings us to that place of doing what we are meant to do, being what we are meant to be, being in joy. When we all come together and we are all in joy and we are doing what we are meant to do, then it will be just like a river, we will be in the flow. You will sing my song, "I’m alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic." This is how I choose to start my day: "Alive, awake, alert. Alive, awake, alert. Alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic today!"

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