FAQs on structured water

Life-enhancing, photon-filled water...from your tap!
~ the way water is meant to be

Questions on what structured water is? Here is a you-tube of Victoria White speaking about structured water.

For info on the structured water units and what they do, click any question below to go to the answer ~ or contact us if you have more queries. And here's Clayton Nolte himself, answering a wide range of FAQs on structured water.

You're welcome to contact us directly with your questions. Scroll down to Contact info, below.

Photo by Victoria White, June 2010: Hundreds of nectarines on 2-year-old tree watered with structured water
Victoria had bumper crops on all her 2+ year-old fruit trees: thousands of apples, peaches, nectarines, apricots...

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      • Victoria can be reached at 520.325.3400 (M-F 10am-5pm AZ time)
      • We can also be reached by email: victoria@cnswater.com

The information on the FAQs pages is based on Clayton Nolte's talks and written materials, and on resources available on the web. Particular acknowledgements to Victoria White of www.MoringaTreeOfLife.com who introduced me to Clayton Nolte's structured water devices ~ thank you for sharing your research & know-how and for helping get the water structuring device of Clayton Nolte better known and more widely used. Much appreciation to all!


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