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Derpy Hooves, Defender of Equestria

Derpy Hooves, Defender of Equestria

    The clumsy-but-lovable mailmare Derpy Hooves is visiting Canterlot to pick up her daily delivery. Suddenly, some of Equestria’s most infamous villains appear. Even worse, the Elements of Harmony are missing! Celestia summons the only available pony who is familiar with Ponyville to find the mane six. It's up to the unlikely hero Derpy to seek out the elements and save Equestria. Along the way she’ll meet many challenges and talk to lots of ponies, learning her own lessons about the magic of friendship. But will it be enough to defeat Equestria’s greatest villains in this action-packed 2D sidescrolling platformer?



    Yes, I've been bitten by the Brony bug and decided I really wanted to make an mlp fan game. It's a great series and I would recommend it to all who haven't seen it. This game is also being developed in Gamemaker 5.3A and is a very ambitious undertaking. I'm basically going from arcade type games to full 2D sidscrolling platformer with rpg elements. The engine is fully implemented in GML and has many features, including:

  • Variable speed horizontal movement
  • Variable jumping and falling
  • Shooting projectiles
  • Destroyable environment, enemies
  • Interacting with npc characters
  • Acquiring permanent power ups
  • collectable unlockable achievements
  • multiple paths and endings.

Needless to say this is challenging. Unlike my other games, in order to cut down on the workload, I'm planning on using outside art as well as music. Many of the pony sprites will be from the excellent Desktop Ponies app, which can be found at Still it's truly amazing just how many graphics are involved in a game of this type. It makes me appreciate games all the more. 

    This game is currently under development, a short demo featuring Sweet Apple Acres has been released as of 7/2/12 in anticipation of the internet's most popular pony game developer event PON-E3 at Equestria Gaming

This is a Fan-made parody game. It is free to distribute.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is the copyrighted property of Hasbro.

All other Art is the copyrighted property of the respective Artist.

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J. Owen,
Jul 2, 2012, 5:12 AM