High-resolution real-time 3-D shape measurement system by Song Zhang, et al.

No source available. The innovator of the phase-shift technique.

Homebrew 3D Scanner by Steffen Korn (strippo)

No source available. Working towards a real-time 3D scanner with some good results in October, 2008.

Homebrew 3D Scanner by Alex Evans

C++ code named "" posted at the DAVID-laserscanner forum. One of the earlier non-academic, non-commercial implementations in C++. Ported to Processing by Florian Jennet. Uses three-phase scanning, which has the advantage of taking only 3 frames and being easy to extrapolate a mesh from.

Sandtable by Stephen Guerin

Open source, for Processing. Application of Florian's code: determining a height map for a table full of sand. Also see Turn a webcam and a projector into a 3D scanner

Three Phase Scanner by Kyle McDonald

Open source, for Processing. A rewritten version of Florian's code that is easier to understand.

TPS - extended I by Gunter Weber
Open source, for Processing. Based on Kyle's  version (above).Re - implements parts of Florian's former version, as textured triangulated mesh view, interpolation and median filter.

Graycoded Scanner by Kyle McDonald

Open source, for Processing. Uses gray codes to determine a camera-projector correspondence in both dimensions. Takes 18 frames for 1024x768, but doesn't have the issue of depth discontinuities that phase-shift scanning has.

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