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Working with Children Class

posted Jul 25, 2010, 5:36 PM by Irvin Eisenberg   [ updated Sep 1, 2010, 4:25 AM by Irven Eisenberg , Structural Integrator ]
I Just  returned from the Working with Children class this past week where I had the opportunity to see two highly skilled Rolfers work with children.  Both Tom Myers and Jim Asher shared their many years of experience working with children .  I was especially amazed at how well Jim Asher was able to engage children in the sessions, quite their minds, and bring them into there bodies despite being watched by 18 other practitioners. The children were able to reach relaxed states where they gained a much greater connections with their own bodies. The effects of this type of body work were clear as we saw Jim and Tom work with a number of children with conditions such as toe walking, Scoliosis, and flat feet.  I was able to see children shed these unhealthy patterns and begin to move in a more efficient and comfortable manor.

We discussed how structural work with children  differs from work with adults.  Children's tissue is much more suggestible than that of adults. It is also difficult to know what unhealthy patterns a child will hold onto and what will pass with normal development. As a body worker, it is important not to impose structure on children's constantly growing bodies.  Instead it is better to introduce them to more healthy ways of moving such that they are less likely to become locked into patterns which down the line will limit them. For example, a child who likes to walk on the balls of  her feet is not a problem unless walking in this way begins to keep her from being able to walk using the full foot.  If this child is beginning to shorten her calves and it is actually becoming uncomfortable for her to do anything but walk in this way, then bodywork intervention may be effective.

Coming to this class, I was expecting to learn about norms for muscle development, bone growth, and cartilage calcification.  I was surprised that there is little known about these physical developments.  In the past, I have talked with Pediatricians and other Pediatric Massage Therapists and have found very little resources regarding structural development. The lack of research in this area is indicative of how new the recognition of spacial medicine is in our medical system. 

I am pleased to announce special rates for children as well as free initial consultations for any child 13 or younger.  Please check out my Massage Rates page for pricing and feel free to contact me with any questions.

For some pictures of the even got to facebook pictures of the event