I explore the structure of reality using digital art.
 This site gives some examples and results of this exploration.

Basic Concepts

  • The world, where we live and our perception of this world includes standard patterns: different kinds of symmetry, growth patterns that transform the bud to the shoot, stochastic patterns which are produced by the wind on a smooth surface etc. Perception patterns are: perspective, hidden parts of objects, changing of brightness with depth. We try to formally describe these patterns as simple building blocks (node objects).

  • I use random creation of links between these building blocks to build the tree or graph that describe an image

  • I use mutations, crossover and selection to build interesting images

Your impression, feedback and opinions are welcome.
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The draft version of the book "Digital Art of Inductive Inference" is attached at the bottom of this page.
The book contains more information about my approach to the digital art.

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