Welcome to Structural Fire Engineering to Eurocodes. This website has been designed to assist Engineers and Designers to use Structural Eurocodes 1,3 and 4 (Actions, Steel and Composite respectively) all in their parts 1-2 'Structural Fire Design.'
As of the 1st April 2010, a new suite of British Standards for structural design based on European standards are to supersede any conflicting British Standard previously published. Although the British standards are still listed as an approved document in the UK building regulations, they are no longer to be maintained. The new standards, known as the Eurocodes, will offer a unified design approach across the European Union. Each country adopting the Eurocodes will be able to refer to its National Annex which contains Nationally Determined Parameters which are specific to the country the construction is to take place in. Such parameters allow for country-specific information regarding climate, geography, quality control and construction methods.

The aim of this website is to guide users through the Eurocodes using the 'Journey through design' concept.

'Journey through design' is a concept by the n-aktive group  which in their own words is described as "a structured route through the design decision process and links to specific guidance within the major information source Access-Steel." Click on 'Journey through design' in the navigation bar to begin.


Above: The World Trade Centre's Tower 7 collapsed due to structural damage caused by fire.
This website has been produced as part requirement for the degree of Master of Science in Structural Engineering at The University of Sheffield.