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This site does not contain my entire family history or tree; that exists only offline, as it is quite large.  What this site does show is the basic family tree traced through the direct male descendants from Michael STROUP (born:  1779 ?, died: Highland County, Ohio, 20FEB1860) through myself to my two younger boys, Alex and Sean.  I have also included all my sisters on my dad's page.

This site also exists to catalog or to present  snapshots of where my research currently is.  As they say, what you see is what you get.  The family history on any given page is correct based upon documentary evidence i have gathered; sources are at the end of each page.  Sometimes, the actual source, from way back when, is available online or I have made a copy and uploaded it to the internet--if so, you will get a link for it.

CAUTION:  If you are researching a STROUP family tree, be wary or skeptical of any STROUP family tree you find posted on the internet.  Many of these trees have incorrect spelling, wrong parents, wrong cities, etc.  Most STROUP online family trees present very little evidence to back up assertions or claims of ancestry.  For a good overview of the problem researching the STROUP family tree overall, to include the controversy of when and where they came from (NOTE:  the current line i am researching has not been solved), and why some are now using genetic testing, see this site.

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  • Use the sitemap to find the family group.  Each head of household ancestor that i have found, and posted online here, has a dedicated page.
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  • Research Updates page updates you on changes made to the site overall, and as well as research that others are helping me on.
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Open Family History Questions

  1. Where did Michael Stroup (1779-1860) live ca. 1798-99?
  2. Why did Michael Stroup (1779-1860) leave the above place to travel to Franklinton, OH (ca. 1798)?
  3. Where was Michael Stroup (1779-1860) born?
  4. What happened to William Frank Stroup and his son, Charles William Stroup between 1920-1930? They are both together with Lucy Pitzer in the 1920 Census, but they both disappear in the 1930 census, and Lucy presumably is remarried to Ralph Ellis.
  5. What was Charles William Stroup doing during the years of WW II?

Family Tree in Miniature

To be kinda' biblical:

William Franklin Stroup, II begets Alex and Sean.
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