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Stroubles Creek Watershed Information  

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Hourly images of Stroubles Creek from NetCamXL


January 2, 2012 NSF-REU @ StREAM Lab Hession, Krometis. 2012-14. REU Site: Dynamics of Water and Societal Systems – An Interdisciplinary Research Program at the Virginia Tech StREAM Lab. $314,289. NSF-EEC. 
December 13, 2011 EPA Region 3 and VDCR visit StREAM Lab Cully Hession led a tour of the Stroubles Creek Watershed in the Town of Blacksburg and Virginia Tech, as well as the Virginia Tech StREAM Lab. The three-hour tour was part of a bi-annual U.S. USEPA Region 3 Section 319 program review of the VDCR Water Quality Improvement Fund implementation.  
November 2, 2011 CEE Lab Dr. Hester held a dye and chloride tracer lab 
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