Discover the Many Rewards of Homemade Spirits—Unique, Flavorful, Economical and Surprisingly Easy to Make! 

Today’s renewed interest in making wine and beer at home amounts to nothing less than a renaissance. No matter why you want to join the new generation of homebrewers and winemakers—to complement your cooking, to save money, or simply for a truly rewarding hobby—Strong Waters will tell you how. This do-it-yourself guide makes a grand tradition accessible for today’s enthusiasts. Beginners will welcome tips for getting started inexpensively with everyday materials, and experienced hobbyists will be inspired by recipes for longtime favorites and forgotten delights.

This do-it-yourself guide does the following:

The steps to producing these beverages can be as easy as making soup and the variations of delicious drinks you can make at home are endless. And though other homebrewing and home winemaking books address these drink categories individually, Strong Waters includes recipes that span many types of beverages.

The Focus of Strong Waters

This book focuses on simple recipes that require the minimum effort for maximum results. For example, although you could collect apples, crush them into pomace, put them into a cider press, squeeze them, and ferment the liquid into hard cider, why not buy apple juice, mix it with additional juice to get the optimum balance of flavors, and ferment it? And if you make a few batches of cider from juice and want to start from apples, buy a book on cider making and have at it! The goal of the book is to get you started and show you how easy and rewarding the process can be. 

Who knows, by the time you’ve made a few batches of wine, you may find that the perfect aperitif for a Mexican dinner is your own jalapeño wine, or that curling up in front of the fireplace in February is a little cozier with a glass of elderberry melomel. You won’t know until you try.


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