I have coached and mentored children who were besieged by gang and drug violence, poverty, and family issues. It inspires me to volunteer in the community, mentor in the schools, and join boards and committees that advocate for our children’s education. My passion to serve those who are especially at-risk and my experience and dedication brought me to run for the Madison School Board, Seat 6. I look forward to hearing from all of you about how we can make our schools better for our children. 



The Capital Times

Democratic Party of Dane County

Madison TeachersInc.

Madison Professional Police Officers Association

Elected Officials

Lisa Subeck, Madison Alder & Candidate for Wisconsin's 78th State Assembly District

Mark Clear, Madison Alder & Candidate for Wisconsin's 78th State Assembly District 

Ray Allen, former Madison School Board Member

Beth Moss, former Madison School Board Member

Bill Clingan, former Madison School Board Member

Lawrie Kobza, former Madison School Board Member

Francis Huntley-Cooper, Former Mayor of Fitchburg

Shelia Stubbs, Dane County Supervisor

David Ahrens, Madison Alder

Maurice Cheeks, Madison Alder

Joe Clausius, Madison Alder

Lauren Cnare, Madison Alder

Sue Ellingson, Madison Alder

Scott Resnick, Madison Alder

Paul Skidmore, Madison Alder

John Strasser, Madison Alder

Anita Weier, Madison Alder

Isadore Knox, former Madison Alder

Gary Paulson, former Madison Alder

Community Leaders

Mike Basford, Dane County Democratic Party Chair

Oscar Morales, Director of Omega Schools

Lucia Nuñez, Director of Madison Department of Civil Rights 

Jessica Doyle, former First Lady of Wisconsin & Former Teacher

Noble Wray, Former Madison Police Chief

Charles Tubbs, former Chief of the Wisconsin State Capitol Police & Current Director of Dane County Emergency Management

Lindsey Lee, Owner of Cargo Coffee & Ground Zero Coffee

Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billing, UW-Madison Professor of Curriculum Educational Policy Studies

Helene Nelson, former Wisconsin Secretary of Health and Human Services

Alphonso Cooper, Madison College Program Director

Carola Gaines, BadgerCare Plus Outreach Program Coordinator

Mary K. Rouse, former UW-Madison Dean of Students

Attorney Keith Clifford and Linda Clifford

Pamela Oliver, Sociology Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Eric Sundquist, Madison Plan Commission & Dane County Dems

Attorney John Raihala 

Richard Miller, Sociologist

Michael Moskoff, Consultant 

Aileen Nettleton, former Madison Teacher

Tim Kehl & Rita Kehl

Donna Winter & Liz Dannenbaum
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