This is the place where you can buy the strongest solid cardboard furniture in the world.  This stuff is like cardboard lumber!
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Question: "Where did this idea come from"?

Answer: From the processing of recycling into the best furniture products possible.

Years ago the Sustainability Workshop was making furniture from tons and tons of same-sized, gorgeous and almost totally new cardboard used to ship solar panels from Asia to the US.  With good design, a little glue and hours upon hours of mind-numbing sawing of cardboard, the Workshop made chairs, tables, cat helix towers and many other items that are still in use today.  We studied the wear.  We studied how people use these things, and now, after refinement of skills relating to uploading digital designs to computer-based manufacturing hubs, you too can have an amazing piece of furniture like this...

You can sand any endgrain area you want!  You can even get protection plates which cap the ends and keep the vulnerable sides and edges intact with wear.  Bases have wide contact areas to eliminate damage common in other cardboard designs.  In some cases, dowels are used to distribute heavy loads and also guarentee perfect construction, regardless of skill level.

Construction is always easy.  Shapes are consistent and the buyer need only stack the pieces and add a bit of glue every time.  Let it dry, and you'll be amazed at how long you will own these pieces. 
Cats can scratch them for years, people can use them for decades, and when all done, everyone can recycle them.  And hey, you don't need to think about that for a long, long time anyway.

Desperate for one of my pieces but don't think you have the skill to build it?  Well, you do, but in that case contact me, and I'll build you one.  Shipping cardboard blocks pains me because of the cost and fuel used, but I'll do it. 

What else do you need to know right now?  Well, take a look at some of the prototypes that launched this operation years ago...


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