Yueqiang Cheng,

Staff Security Scientist of Baidu USA XLab
Work on SGX security, Secure Multiparty Computation (SMC) and Differential Privacy (DP)
System Security Engineer of Samsung Research America
Work at Knox, B2B Research Lab

Adjunct Researcher of Advanced Digital Sciences Center
Work on Cyber-Physical Security

 Postdoc of Cylab, Carnegie Mellon University
Work with: Virgil D. Gligor on Software-only Root of Trust

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Old Homepage: http://www.mysmu.edu/phdis2008/yqcheng.2008/

I get a PhD from School of Information Systems, Singapore Management University, where I'm advised by Prof Robert H. Deng and Associate Professor Xuhua Ding. Now I'm working in CyLab, with Prof Virgil D. Gligor in Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), and Prof Adrian Perrig in ETHMy current research interests focus on:
  1. Designing and implementing practical, efficient and secure systems, such as building practices and efficient isolated execution environment (IEE) schemes, designing and implementing generic and efficient trusted-path systems, and protecting user private data (e.g., user passwords) in the increasingly popular online services. 
  2. Using systematic techniques to address software-security issues, e.g., defending against ROP attacks without needing source code and binary rewriting. Such practical systems are compatible with commodity OS and legacy applications.
  3. Software-only Root of Trust. It aims to build a Root of Trust (ROT) using software-based attestation technique. 
  4. Intel SGX. Currently I focus on SGX side channel attack and defense.
  5. Use After Free (UAF) detection and prevention.