Enchant!5.2 will have S.art-organ-on-GM, I am so excited!

Enchant!5.1.1 is now available! Download now!

Thanks for 10K downloads on DSOUNDFONT on Musical Artifacts! We have a new version of DSOUNDFONT coming up! It will be exciting!

Download our stuff at <<<< Musical Artifacts >>>>

Welcome to The Strix SoundFont Team's website! Tired of countless game soundfonts, that are in legal limbo? Can't use your favourite soundfont commercially? Want a huge soundfont set that is actually realistic? Don't want to try to imitate an existing sound module or keyboard? Then this is the place for you! You can download our things on Musical Artifacts or our Google Drive.

I am the creator of the DSOUNDFONT GM-compatible SoundFont family, some FM instruments synthesized in Dexed and some Freepats patches (two FM instruments accepted in the GM bank, two organs accepted in the bank).