Top Ten Reasons to Ride A Bike

Top Ten Reasons to Ride a Bike


10. Improve health - One of the best ways to improve health is to exercise daily.

9.  Lose weight - Cycling lets you burn off those extra calories

8. Improve mood - Exercise produces endorphins which improve your mood

7. Save the planet for our kids and grandkids - Cycling cuts down on the greenhouse gases you produce, reducing your carbon footprint

6. Efficiency - No more worries about finding and paying for parking. Short trips can actually be quicker by bike!

5. Community engagement - By riding through your community you become in tune with the environment and people in it

4. Improve work/life balance - Bike commuting can be substitutes for use of the gym, saving personal time

3. Save money - Reduce fuel, parking, and vehicle maintenance costs

2. Be a good role model for kids -  With obesity and diabetes rates soaring in our children, we need to provide a healthier role model

1. Competition – If Asheville ever wants to beat Portland in alternative commuting like we’ve done with beer, everyone needs to GET ON A BIKE!

Terri March,
Apr 6, 2011, 6:36 PM