Poetry at the Rainbow Cafe

First Monday! each month at 7 p.m.
SWP and the Northwest Renaissance NWRPoets.org
with support from the Auburn Arts Commission
and King County 4Culture present:
Poetry at the Rainbow Café!
emcee: Emilie Rommel Shimkus www.emilierommelshimkus.com

Featured Poets
and Open Mic!

we are now located at:
The Rainbow Café!
112 East Main Street
Auburn, WA 98002

August 7
David D. Horowitz
Michael Spence

September 4
Shannon O'Donnell
Rena Priest

October 2
Paul Nelson
Peter Munro

November 6
Judith Arcana

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Past Features:


July 3
Risa Denenberg
Ann Tweedy

June 5
Christopher J. Jarmick
Patrick Dixon

May 1 2017
Laura Allen
Brendan McBreen

April 3 2017
Lisa Schmidt
Dave Warner

March 6 2017
Tanya McDonald
Michael Dylan Welch

February 6 2017
Michael Heavener
Tim Sherry

January 2 2017
Jullianne Seeman
Susan Landgraf

December 5 2016
Michael Schein
LitFuse @ 10 Anthology Poets Unite

November 7 2016
Peter Ludwin
Allen Braden

October 3 2016
Carolyne Wright
Gary Copeland Liley

September 5 2016
Sibyl James
Michael Heflinger

August 1 2016
Lenora Rain Lee Good
Philip Red Eagle

July 11 2016
James Rodgers
Jim Teeters

June 6 2016
Benjamin Schmidt
Molly Tenenbaum

May 2 2016
Polly Buckingham

April 4 2016
Martha Silano
Julie Courey

March 7 2016
Geri Gale
Pricilla Long
February 1 2016
Michael Schmeltzer
Michael Daley
January 4 2016
Joel Kabakov
Koon Woon
December 7 2015
Donald Kentop
Terry Persun
First Rainbow Cafe
November 2 2015
Joann C. Roberts
Shannon P. Laws
Last Station Bistro
October 5 2015
Philip Red Eagle
Shawnte Orion

September 7 2015
Christopher J. Jarmick

August 3 2015
Kent Leatham
Linda Malnack

July 6 2015
Morgan Sagdahl
Brendan McBreen

June 1 2015
Judith Skillman
Ed Harkness

May 4 2015
Carolyn Martin
Jill Johnson
April 1 2015
    April Fools Day!
James Rodgers
Susan Rich

March 4 2015
Michael Smeltzer
Cindy Hutchings
February 4 2015
Redmond Poet Laureate Michael Dylan Welch
Jennifer Bullis
January 7 2015
     Happy New Year!
Sean Bentley
December 3 2014
     Christmas Special!
November 5 2014
Kevin Miller
Tim Sherry
October 1 2014
     Halloween Special!
Jack Remick
Carol Levin
     readings by dead poets
     and not-so-dead poets
     and trivia
September 3 2014
     Public and Privacy Readings
Dennis Caswell
David D. Horowitz
Judith Skillman
Michael Spence
August 6 2014
July 2 2014
Risa Denenberg
June 4 2014
Mary Eliza Crane
Roy Seitz
May 7 2014
April 2 2014
     Year Number Two!
Christopher J. Jarmick
Robinson Bolkum
March 5 2014
Seattle Poet Populist Roberto Ascalon
Sara Brickman

February 2014
Priscilla Long
Lucas Smiraldo Poet Laureate of Tacoma

January 2014
David D. Horowitz

December 2013
Dennis Caswell
Roberta Feins

November 2013
Lisa Schmidt

October 2013
Allen Braden
Brian Desmond

September 2013
Peggy Barnett
Carolyne Wright

August 2013
Redmond Poet Laureate Jeannine Hall Gailey
Dawn-Marie Oliver

July 2013
Duane Niatum
Lorraine Healy
June 2013
Cindy Hutchings
Philip Red Eagle
May 2013
Tammy Robacker
M. Anne Sweet
April 2013
Our one year anniversary:
Joannie Stangeland
Mary Eliza Crane
Jane Alynn
Laura L. Snyder
Tanya McDonald
James Rodgers
March 2013
Michael Dylan Welch
February 2013
Carl Palmer
David Ash
January 2013
Poet Laureate of Auburn Dick Brugger
Michael Magee
December 2012
David D. Horowitz

November 2012
Laura Snyder
Glenna Cook

October 2012
Peter Ludwin
Kevin Miller

September 2012
Raul Sanchez
Matthew Brouwer

August 2012

Sharmagne Leland St. John
the Poet Laureate of Pacific: Gerald A. McBreen

July 2012:

Meghan McClure
Kay Mullen

June 2012:
Jack McCarthy
Chris Jarmick

May 2012:
Connie Walle
Jim Teeters
special guest: the Poet Laureate of Tacoma Josie Emmons Turner

April 2012:
Emilie Rommel Shimkus
Peggy Barnett