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Welcome to String Theory Group at National Taiwan University!
On this website, you can find our current activities, research interests of our group members, our recent publications and other useful local information.

What's New:

  • Seminar

    Quantum Toroidal Algebra: From Integrable Statistical Model to Duality in String Theory

    Date: Sep 15 (Fri) 14:30-15:30
    Place: Room 716 CCMS and New Physics Building
    Speaker: Prof. Yutaka Matsuo (University of Tokyo)

    From the recent study of integrable lattice model, a new symmetry (which is referred in many different names) was found. It is a q-deformation of area-preserving diffeomorphism and describes a system of interacting fermionic particles. Interestingly, the same symmetry played a profound role in the non-perturbative dynamic in supersymmetric gauge theory and string theory. In particular, the symmetry has SL(2,Z) automorphism which can be related to the strong/weak duality (so called S-duality) in gauge/string theory. In my talk, I hope to explain these new development to some extentl with the focus on 4D/2D duality in supersymmetric gauge theories and the integrabile lattice model associated with it.

    Characterizing hydrodynamic fluctuations in heavy-ion collisions from effective field theory approach

    Date: Sep 15 (Fri) 16:00-17:00
    Place: Room 815
    Speaker: Pak Hang Chris Lau (YITP)

    Recently, an effective field theory for fluctuating dissipative hydrodynamics has been developed in 1511.03646 and 1701.07817. We apply this theory to investigate hydrodynamic fluctuations on the Bjorken expanding quark-gluon plasma (QGP). In particular, we explore effects due to nonlinear interactions among hydrodynamical variables and noises which are systematically incorporated in the present framework but are not fully captured in conventional approaches.

  • Summer School on Gravity, Fields and Strings (September 4-8, 2017, NTU) Workshop Link
    Posted Aug 3, 2017, 5:56 PM by NTU Strings
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Group Members


Heng-Yu Chen (陳恒榆)
Pei-Ming Ho (賀培銘)
Yu-Tin Huang (黃宇廷)


Yoshinori Matsuo (松尾義典)

Research Students:

Chia-Wei Chen (陳家煒)
Tsung-Yen Chen (陳宗彥)
Wei-Ming Chen (陳韋名)
Yen-Chi Chen (陳彥奇)
Da-You Jiang (江大右)
Jin-Yu Liu (柳君諭)
En Shih (石恩)
Tsung-Hsuan Tsai (蔡宗軒)

Current/Recent Visitors:

Takeo Inami (Chuo University)
Di-Lun Yang (CYCU)
Jean-Pierre Derendinger (University of Bern)
Katsushi Ito (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Akinori Tanaka (RIKEN)
Yutaka Yoshida (KIAS)
Aleksey Cherman (University of Washington)
Norisuke Sakai (Keio University)
Yutaka Matsuo (University of Tokyo)
Dongmin Gang (IPMU, Tokyo)
Hirosi Suzuki (Kyushu University)
Shuichi Yokoyama (YITP)
Masazumi Honda (Weizmann Institute of Science)
Itamar Yaakov (IPMU, Tokyo)
Taro Kimura (Kyoto University)


Ms. Yi-Pei Wang (王譯培)

Former Members:

Hsiao-Yi Chen (陳曉邑)
Po-Shen Hsin (辛柏伸)
Jun-Kai Ho (何軍凱)
Norton Lee (李瑞安)
Kuo-Wei Huang (黃國瑋)
Chen-Pin Yeh (葉振斌)
Pei-Wen Kao (高珮文)
Chi-Hsien Yeh (葉啟賢)
Toshiaki Fujimori (藤森俊明)
Hirotaka Irie (入江広隆)
Tomohisa Takimi (瀧見知久)
Hiroshi Isono (磯野裕)
Joshua Qualls (奎爾斯)
Chih-Kai Chang (張智凱)
Dharmesh Jain (簡大旭)

Journal Club/Seminar Schedule

To Interested Students (給有興趣加入本組的同學):

We are always welcoming enthusiastic advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students joining our group. While you will formally have a faculty member in our group as an advisor, we share most of activities such as seminars and journal clubs, also resources and office space together.

For the basic backgrounds to start doing research in our group, we expect you to have a solid course on quantum mechanics (roughly at the level of Sakurai), also some rudimentary knowledge of quantum field theory (at least Part I of Peskin & Schroeder). Our group members will also run various advanced courses during the semester, so please stay tuned.

Please feel free contacting any of us about possible undergraduate research and graduate study opportunities!