Placement of Badges

NEW !!! 2015 Badge Placement document - Click Here to View

Consult the Dress Regs document for insignia and badge placement, as well as, tie, hair and boot standards. Other uniform and badge documents exist there as well.

Shoulder Badge (Shoulder Flash)

The shoulder badge is worn on both sleeves of the tunic only. The top of the badge is to be 2 cm below the shoulder seam. See page 60 on the Dress Regs document.

Cap Badge

Your cap badge is worn on the left side of the wedge. The centre of the badge is positioned half-way between the front and middle of the wedge and it is centred between the top and bottom of the wedge.

Leading Air Cadet (LAC) Props

Your LAC props belong half-way between the shoulder seam and elbow.

Proficiency Badge

Your first year proficiency badge is centred on the left sleeve of the tunic. The bottom edge of the badge should be 7.0 cm above the bottom of the sleeve.

Name Tag

If you have a name tag it is worn on the flap of the right breast pocket of the tunic. The name tag is placed half-way between the button and the top of the flap.

First Aid Badge

If you have Emergency or Standard First Aid qualifications, your badges should be on the left-sleeve, centred, 7.0 cm from the bottom of the sleeve, or 1.0 cm above the proficiency badge, if one is worn.