Supply session is held, when required, for cadets who would like to exchange ill-fitting uniform parts or to return your uniform. If you are exchanging, please bring the item you wish to exchange. Please do not come for badges as they are not the responsibility of Supply. Ranks are to be presented by the CO only. Supply information is available by contacting the Supply Officer.

In early September, returning Cadets must submit their supply requests in writing to the Supply Officer on a Tuesday Training night. Supply pickup location is at the West Middlesex Memorial Centre on Tuesday from the 3 Striker Squadron Supply Trailer. The Supply Trailer was acquired from a donation from 116 Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion and Carstar Strathroy. Thanks to SSC member Dave Hickey for his hard work putting up shelving and preparing this mobile storage unit for #3 Striker. Also, thanks to Al DeJong and John Mather for putting on the decals.

The burden of being a cadet can be a big one compared with school, sports, employment, family and friends but it's not one that should be taken lightly. Upon enrollment at #3 you should have been issued (and still have) the following kit:

    • Wedge and hat insignia
    • Tunic
    • Tunic belt
    • #3 shoulder flashes x 2
    • Neck tie
    • Short-sleeve dress shirt
    • Short-sleeve blue t-shirt
    • Long-sleeve blue sweater
    • Trouser belt
    • Trousers
    • Wool socks
    • Parade boots
    • Gloves
    • Toque
    • Parka (inner and outer shell)

If you're missing any of these items, please see the Supply Officer. Please refer to the Air Cadet Dress Instructions (an Attachment under Cadet Training...Uniforms) on this website for the correct wear of uniform and placement of badges!

For cadets who have chosen not to return to cadets in September you must contact the squadron and arrange the return of your uniform at your earliest convenience (any Tuesday night in Sept., Supply is open from 1830hrs). We would like all the uniforms back in September so that we can issue them out again to new cadets. Uniforms must be returned CLEANED - we will not accept dirty uniforms. [More - Year End To-Do, Graduates]