How you behave and present yourself. Your conduct; behavior; demeanor; manners


When you are in uniform you should present a good appearance. Chewing gum, slouching, hands in pockets, walking hand in hand, and similar actions do not look good for a cadet in uniform. The way you behave in uniform will affect what people think of all cadets. The pride you show in your uniform is a reflection of the pride you have in yourself and your squadron. Cadets are responsible for care, cleaning and custody of the issued kit and also to return it when ceasing to be a cadet. Uniform parts in the issue may included: wedge, toque, rank slip-ons, name tag, short-sleeved shirt, necktie, t-shirt, turtleneck sweater, jacket (tunic), jacket belt, trousers, trousers belt, all-season jacket (parka with liner), boots and grey wool socks. For summer training a cadet may be issued running shoes, sports shorts, sports t-shirt and a wide-brimmed tan summer hat. Cadets in uniform shall be well groomed with footwear cleaned and shone. Their uniform shall be clean and properly pressed at all times. In particular, buttons, fasteners and zippers shall be kept closed. Pockets shall not be bulged; items such as glasses, sun-glasses, glasses cases, pens, pencils key-rings or paper shall not be visibly extended nor protrude from pockets or be suspended from waist belts or pockets. Headsets from personal entertainment devices shall not be worn. Until recruits receive their uniform, they are asked to attend training nights in black pants and a white shirt if possible.

You wear your wedge on the right side of your head. The lower point of the front crease of the wedge is to be in the centre of your forehead. The front edge of the cap is to be 2.5 cm above your right eyebrow. If you remember that the bird on the cap badge should look toward the sky, you will always have the cap on the right side of your head. To be sure the cap is 2.5 cm above the right eyebrow, you can use the measurement of the width of two fingers. If your hair hangs down on your forehead you should be sure to tuck it under your wedge when in uniform. When you are outside you will always keep your wedge on, even when you are seated. You will also keep your wedge on in a mall or store unless you are seated. Remove your wedge in a restaurant, Legion or church. [more about uniforms]


For male cadets,

Hair on the head shall be:

a) neatly groomed;

b) taper-trimmed at the back, the sides, and above the ears to blend with the hair style (a strait cut at the nape of the neck is permissible when this tapered appearance is maintained);

c) no more than 15 cm in length, and sufficiently short so that when the hair is groomed and head-dress is removed, no hair shall touch the ears, or fall below the top of the eyebrows;

d) not greater than 4 cm in bulk at the top if the head , with the bulk decreasing gradually from the top and blending with the taper-trimmed sides and back. Bulk is defined as the distance that the mass of hair protrudes from the scalp, when groomed (as opposed to the length of hair);

e) styled so that it does not present a bizarre or exaggerated appearance, or interfere with the proper wearing of any cadet head-dress;

f) keep free from the neck to a distance of 2.5 cm above the shirt collar; and

g) exaggerated or bizarre styles or colours, including those with excessive fullness or extreme heights are not authorized.

For female cadets,

a) Hair shall be kept neat and groomed and shall not extend below the lower edge of the shirt collar, while long hair must be pulled back into a tight bun, and may be contained by a hairnet. Clean, neatly shaped with all fly-aways secured back with hairspray and bobby pins

b) Very long hair may be first braided, then put into a bun. Hair will be as flat as possible against the head, and gelled. Hair elastics, plain pins, hairnet, barrettes and fabric or plastic holders should be similar in color to the hair of the cadet or black. Varying hairstyles, straight or curled, are permitted within these limits, but exaggerated or bizarre styles or colours, including those with excessive fullness or extreme heights are not authorized. Lopsided and extremely asymmetrical haircuts and hairstyles are not authorized.

c) In no case shall the bulk of the hair interfere with the proper wearing of the cadet headdress.

d) Hair ornaments shall not be worn. Every effort shall be made to ensure that bobby pins, hairpins, and similar items used to secure the hair are as unobtrusive as possible.


Males are not permitted to wear any jewelry other than a watch or medic alert bracelet/necklace. No visible piercings are permitted, including on the tongue. You can also wear rings as long as they are not costume jewelry.

Females are not permitted to wear any jewelry other than a watch, medic alert bracelet/necklace, and a pair of small gold, silver, or pearl stud earrings with one in each earlobe only. The earrings shall be round and not more than 7 mm (1/4 in.) in diameter. You cannot wear other types of earrings, but you may wear sleepers while your ears are healing after piercing. Only one pair of earrings/sleepers may be worn at a time. No other visible piercings are permitted, including on the tongue.

Cadets shall not acquire visible tattoos that could be deemed to be offensive or otherwise reflect discredit on the Canadian Cadet Movement. Cadets in uniform shall not wear visible body piercing adornments (tongue included), with the exception of female earrings described above. Covering unauthorized piercing with an adhesive bandage is not acceptable.

Scents & Make-Up

The Squadron has a no-scent policy in effect. Make-up may only be worn by females if it is discreet (limited amount), neutral, and natural in appearance.

Cadets cannot wear false eyelashes, heavy eyeliner, brightly coloured eye shadow or coloured nail polish.

Smoking, alcohol and drugs

In accordance with DND regulations, Smoking (and Vaping) is prohibited where cadet activities are going on. In accordance with the aims of Air Cadets Dress Regulations and 3 Squadron Standing Orders, Cadets are prohibited from smoking at any cadet activity, whether in or out of uniform. Officers, Civilian Instructors, and Volunteers are prohibited from smoking in front of cadets at any time.

Regardless of age or provincial legislation, cadets are prohibited from purchasing, consuming or having alcohol in their possession while engaged in cadet activities. Cadets who violate alcohol policies will be suspended from training, counseled and subjected to appropriate administrative action. No member of the Squadron shall be under the influence of or be in possession of any illegal drug of any sort. Incidents involving cadets will be referred to the local authorities for prosecution. Where it is established that a cadet committed a drug-related offense, they will be released or returned to unit and released.

Complete dress regulations may be found in the Attachments section on the Uniforms page