Bush Weekends


See squadron Calendar for Locations, Dates and Times

Cadets will meet at our LHQ (Local Head Quarters) - West Middlesex Memorial Centre.

Remember Cadets: Bring your Ontario Health Card and your completed Kit. Signed Permission Form required.

Instructors are reminded to have completed lesson plans as well as all your supplies.

The Duty NCM and Duty 2IC are to bring the duty book, phone tree and contact numbers to the bush weekend.

KIT LIST can be found on the FORMS page.

A Bush Weekend or Field Training Exercise is a major training period that is held outside of the regular Tuesday night training period. 3 Sqn holds two Bush Weekends per year. At Bush Weekend many training points (performance objectives) are performed during exercises that can’t be done at any other time during the training year.

A Scout camp facility is booked from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon for the cadets to be able to eat, sleep, and perform all of the necessary activities. Since the vast majority of activities are performed outdoors, it is essential that the cadets are dressed for the weather and have any additional clothing required should the weather conditions change. The days are long and the cadets are challenged, however, it is all done in an informative and enjoyable fashion. The squadron staff and senior cadets provide the training and supervision throughout the weekend and the parent sponsoring committee and volunteers are responsible for keeping everyone nourished throughout. Significant preparation takes place ahead of time, and everyone (staff, cadets, and volunteers) puts in long hours, and faces a variety of challenges, however, everyone leaves with a strong sense of accomplishment.

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