Cadet Training

The aim of the training program is to develop well rounded Air Cadets. In order to do so, the local training program touches almost every area of the air cadet movement. This includes drill, survival, marksmanship, music, principals of flight, navigation, and much more. The successful completion of an air cadet proficiency level will allow cadets to apply for Summer Training Camps to further develop an area of interest of a cadet.

Weekly training activities include drill, leadership training, survival training, community service, physical recreation, and classes about aviation, instructional techniques, and Canadian Forces traditions. The training syllabus is geared to the cadets' level and experience from beginner (Level 1) to senior cadet (Level 5).

In addition to weekly training, cadets are also offered a variety of optional support activities throughout the year. These activities take place typically on evenings or weekends and are always great opportunities to experience new challenges and enjoy their time together. Like Ground School, Marksmanship and Band. Typical Support Training activities include - weekend survival camps, glider and power flying days, tours of museums, aviation exhibits, and more. Other Optional Aviation & Aerospace-related activities are held on weekends. Consult the squadron Calendar for details of upcoming activities.

Level 1 – provides cadets with the basic skills, knowledge and experience required to participate as a member of the squadron.

Level 2 – provides cadets with more intermediate skills, knowledge and experience required to participate as a member of the squadron.

Level 3 – prepares cadets for leadership roles within the squadron.

Level 4 – cadets put their leadership skills into practice.

Level 5 – enhances a cadet's ability to assist in the organization and supervision of squadron activities