2011/2012 Activities

Post date: May 27, 2012 7:17:08 PM

6 September Opening Parade

17 September 427 Wing Battle of Britain Dinner

17 September March to the Cairn

23/24 September Zone Orienteering Competition

30 September Tag Day

1 October Tag Day

14-16 October FTX, Camp Attawanderon

23 October Glider familiarization flights, Chatham

29 October Regional Orienteering Competition

5 November Sir Arthur Currie Legion Poppy Drive

5 November Remembrance Day Parades

5 November Legion Remembrance Dinner

11 November Remembrance Day Service

19 November Strathroy Christmas Parade

26 November Aviation Training Day, Aerodrome visit

15 December Cadet Mess Dinner

15 December Operation Christmas Cheer

28/29 January Silverwing Sports Competition

28 January Strathroy Legion Memorial

17-19 February FTX, Camp Sylvan

18 February Range Competition

10-13 March Trip to Ottawa

18 March Effective Speaking Competition

15 April Sir Arthur Currie Memorabilia Show

15 April Glider familiarization flights, Centralia

21 April Biathlon Competition

27-29 April Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Expedition

2 May International Emergency Response Day

4-5 May Tag Day

12 May Gliding familiarization flights, Chatham

26 May Annual Inspection

29 May Change of Command Parade

Adult Staff:

Commanding Officer: Capt. R. Shulist

Deputy Commanding Officer: Capt. A. Coulter

Administration Officer: Capt. A. Coulter

Training Officer: LT S. Wilson

Supply Officer: CI D. Hinton

Ground School Instructor: Capt. R. Shulist

Band Officer: LT P. Redfearn-Smith

Marksmanship Team Officer: Capt. R. Shulist

Level Officer: 2nd LT M. Dejong

Orienteering: CI D. Hinton

Cadet Staff:

Cadet Squadron Commander: WO2 F. Radan

Deputy Cadet Squadron Commander: F/Sgt B. Naus

Flight Commanders: F/Sgt S. Hirsch, F/Sgt T. Boccanfuso

Flag Party Commander: Sgt V. Vander Velden

2IC: Sgt A. Smith, Sgt T. Gibbs

Drum Major: Sgt A. Smith