Nevada Tickets

The Air Cadet League of Canada - Ontario Provincial Committee (OPC) Nevada Program is a shared fundraising initiative to support Squadron Sponsoring Committee‘s (SSC) across Ontario. The OPC has a provincial licence that allows it to secure locations anywhere in Ontario. There are no restrictions regarding the municipality, the number of sites, or the number of boxes that can be sold. #3 Striker Squadron SSC is participating in this program. Every Nevada location is different and will have different levels of sales. Across a number of locations, the industry estimate is that an average of 1 box per month should be achievable. Some sites will sell more, some may sell less. The retailer that is hosting the box will receive $117 per box sold. $188 is the revenue for the OPC of which $50 is returned to the squadron. So our annual return, based on one box of break-open tickets sold per month for one site could be $600.

Where to Buy

#3 Striker SSC currently has two locations where qualified individuals can purchase Nevada tickets. These are:

Burns General Store, Burns St. at Park St., Strathroy

Verns Variety, Adelaide Rd. at Railroad St., Mt. Brydges

Please support 3 Striker Squadron and the Air Cadet League - Ontario by purchasing break-open tickets at these retailers.

Parents and Supporters of #3 Squadron

Q: Can parents, volunteers, sponsors or other supporters help the SSC by finding, or identifying, new retail locations for Nevada?

A: Absolutely. We want to get as many new retail locations as possible for our Nevada fund raiser.

We do request that if you have suggestions for locations that you contact our SSC Nevada Program Liaison John Mather. For this Program we follow the same boundaries as we do for tagging. So for #3 squadron we can approach businesses in Middlesex County west of London in Strathroy, Glencoe, Arkona, Watford, Mt. Brydges, Komoka, Kilworth, Ailsa Craig, Poplar Hill, Parkhill, Melbourne...


If you wish to know more about this program then use the form on the CONTACT US page and your request will be forwarded to the 3 Striker SSC Nevada Program Liaison. Retailers willing to help our charity by hosting a box will be provided with a full time Nevada agent. The Air Cadet League has engaged a professional firm to provide service and support to our Retail sellers. With over 25 years of experience in the field and with Nevada Break-open tickets, Nevada Ticket Services will provide each retailer with direct support to help start and operate a successful outlet, helping generate maximum sales and profit with little administration requirements. See poster below for more info.

Some of the main services and supports that a retailer will be provided include:

  • Assist in completing application and necessary documents as a retailer
  • Assist through training and guidance to properly implement Nevada tickets
  • Monitor and track ticket sales and boxes and handle all ordering of new supply
  • Collect payments, provide invoices and ensure you meet Gaming Control Act
  • Help with promotion and marketing Nevada to increase ticket sales