Drill team is a team made up of 16 members and 2 to 3 spares, including the commander. The drill team is a team that showcases the high level of drill, dress and deportment held by the squadron. Drill team will practice diligently to complete a compulsory sequence (drill movements with commands called) and a precision sequence (memorized sequence of drill movements). Drill team consists of both new cadets and senior cadets perfecting drill movements and learning new movements to take to competition against other cadet drill teams. The commander will be a senior cadet who has the leadership abilities to aid in instruction and who has the creativity to design a precision sequence, worthy of competition.

The drill team commander will be chosen on a tryout basis, consisting of personal drill, dress and the calling of commands. Once the commander and 2IC have been selected, the Drill team tryouts will consist of personal drill and uniforms. The cadets who make the drill team will be those who demonstrate adequate skills in uniform and those who have a moderate standard of drill with the motivation to better themselves.