The #3 Striker band is a military, or brass and reed, band which plays a mixture of popular tunes and classic military marches. All cadets are welcome to join and especially those who already know how to play an instrument and/or read music. If you don't know how to play then don't worry we can teach you. The band is a good place to start of your cadet career and progress and an excellent environment for making new friends of all ages.

Some of the squadron's instruments are in almost brand-new condition and therefore cadets are expected to treat their instrument with the utmost care and responsibility. It would be expected that by June the instruments would be in the same condition that they are in September. Cadets will be instructed how to properly assemble, disassemble, play and clean their instrument. If these instructions are followed, band members should not have any trouble returning their instrument at the end of the year in the condition in which they received it. Over time, regular wear and tear on an instrument will cause the instrument to need a tune up or cadets may encounter minor problems with their instrument (for example, a trumpet mouthpiece might become stuck). Please bring these issues to the attention of the Band Officer or Instructor so that they can be fixed promptly and without causing further damage. Band members who play an reed instrument (clarinet/saxophone) will find that reeds have a limited life span and are very delicate and therefore break/crack very easily. See the Band Officer when you need a new reed. #3 Striker Band members are reminded to return all the band stuff (instrument, case, music books, music stand, lyre, flip chart, drum sticks, sheet music...) at the end of Annual Ceremonial Review.

2018-2019 Band practice Wednesday's 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm, OLI big gym. Times are subject to change. Don't forget your boots if drill is involved. Enter using the back door closest to the gym.

Sponsorship provided by the Libro Financial Group.