Power Flight


Familiarization flying is intended to ensure that every air cadet receives at least one flight per year as part of the mandatory support training. This is usually done in Air Cadet League (ACL) aircraft. The flights can be done in rented gliders or aeroplanes, if the ACL aircraft are not available, or it is not practical. Several times a year #3 Squadron cadets have the opportunity to fly in an ACL glider. #3 Squadron is embarking on a program to ensure that air cadets have an opportunity to fly in a powered aircraft as well.


To maximize the training value of the familiarization fight, the following shall be accomplished:

  • a pre-flight briefing, including an aircraft pre-flight inspection, covering the entire fight;
  • a brief description of aircraft instruments;
  • a demonstration of effects of aircraft controls (above 1,000 feet AGL);
  • correlation of map and ground features; and
  • the aerodrome circuit.


  • The pilot shall hold a Canadian Private Pilot Licence, or higher, appropriate for the aeroplane type to be used for the familiarization flying;
  • The pilot shall have flown a minimum of 30 hours as Pilot in Command on the class and type of aeroplane(s) designated in the Canadian Pilot Licence held by the Pilot;
  • The pilot shall have flown as Pilot in Command of an aeroplane within the previous 60 days including at least one hour on the aeroplane type to be used for the familiarization flying. If this currency has lapsed, the pilot must renew it by completing a flight check with the holder of a valid instructor rating for aeroplanes; and
  • Annually, the pilot shall successfully complete on the aeroplane type to be used for the familiarization flying a proficiency check flight with the holder of a valid aeroplane instructor rating. The annual proficiency check shall encompass all normal and emergency operating procedures appropriate to the aircraft used for the proficiency check.

The pilot shall ensure that all regulatory and safety requirements are adhered to during the conduct of the familiarization flying activities; and all aspects of the familiarization flight are conducted in accordance with the tasking order:

  • Weather minimum for familiarization flying is 2500 ft. AGL.
  • Stalls, spins, slow flight, aerobatics, formation flying and low flying are prohibited.
  • Night Flying - Night VFR flights are only permitted for pilots holding a Commercial Pilot Licence or higher and who have a current night rating. They must be specifically authorized for night flying in their tasking order.
  • Cadets are not permitted to be flown in Experimental, Light Sport or Owner Maintained Aircraft.