Sunday September 16, 2018 - Centralia

Sunday April 14, 2019 - Centralia

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Cadets will meet at our LHQ (Local Head Quarters) - West Middlesex Memorial Centre - Strathroy ON.

Remember Cadets: Bring your Ontario Health Card and your completed and signed Permission Form.

Aviation is a large part of the Air Cadet program. Cadets have the opportunity to take part in glider familiarization flights several times during the training year (weather permitting), at operational gliding centres in Southwestern Ontario. The gliders used in the program are supplied by the Air Cadet League. Before getting into the glider, a staff member at the gliding centre will give cadets a briefing. They will explain what all the instruments in the glider are for. During the flight, the pilot will demonstrate how the controls of the aircraft work and what an aerodrome circuit is. Cadets also become part of the glider ground crew - learning how to position the gliders for take-off and helping retrieve them after they land. The Air Cadet League provides a fully insured fleet of gliders and tow aircraft. The equipment is civilian-registered in accordance with Canadian Aviation Regulations and are fully insured by the Air Cadet League. The Schweizer 2-33 is a conventional two-place "tandem intermediate training" glider. Its construction is all metal with a fabric cover on the fuselage and tail surfaces. It has a one-piece canopy for increased visibility. The wings are tapered in the outboard section and have spoilers/dive brakes incorporated. Glider familiarization flights also provide an opportunity for those cadets going for Gliding or Power Scholarships to become more familiar with the aircraft and air operations.

Senior cadets may apply for a summer Gliding or Power Scholarships to earn their glider or private pilot's licenses, respectively. In order to be eligible, cadets must attend ground school classes. In ground school class, cadets learn more about aviation and aeronautics in preparation for the Gliding or Power Scholarship qualifying exam. This information is also the basics required for the ground component of gaining a glider or private pilot's license.

As an Air Cadet, you have a chance to earn both your glider pilot's license and your private pilot's license. You can be flying solo in a small aircraft before you even have your driver's license! It's not an easy journey, but the reward is worth the work. As you may already realize, there's a lot to know if you want to be a pilot - from navigation and weather to instruments, good pilots have a sound knowledge of everything to do with aviation - and it takes quite a bit of study. Learning to actually fly can be challenging too - there are long hours involved, and lots of practice. But the end result - your first solo flight - is well worth the effort. Click here for your Flight Plan.

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