Duke of Ed

Post date: Feb 27, 2012 9:39:45 PM

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award programme was developed to encourage all youth ages 14 to 25 to be active, to participate in new activities and pursue their current interests in four different areas. The Programme offers you the opportunity to set goals and achieve results in a fun and challenging way. The Programme is non competitive. You benefit through your own effort and you will learn and grow from the experience.

Upon completion you will be recognized for your achievements with a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award.

The Award was founded in 1956 by HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh K.G. K.T. in London England. The Award which bears his name currently operates in over 120 countries around the world. [More]

Cadets can easily complete the requirements for this award through the training that they already take part in. Cadets must first enroll in the program to begin tracking their activities to count towards this award. Download the Air Cadets Guide to the Duke of Edinburgh's Award in the Attachments section below.

The Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award has 3 levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The goal of the Award is to encourage young people’s participation in activities in which they already enjoy and others they have yet to experience within a non-competitive and fun environment. The Award involves comprehensive development, self-training and personal achievement, and is based upon individual effort and improvement. To achieve the Award, Participants must set goals in all 4 Programme areas.

4 Programme Areas

  • Community Service – Providing volunteer service to others and the community.
  • Personal Skill Development – Developing a personal interest, social or practical skill.
  • Physical Recreation – Gaining a sense of achievement and good health through physical fitness activities.
  • Adventurous Journey – Undertaking a wilderness or adventure experience.

The International Award is an exciting self-development Programme available to all young people worldwide equipping them with life skills to make a difference to themselves, their communities and the world. To date almost 6 million young people from over 120 countries have been motivated to undertake a variety of voluntary and challenging activities.

Award Participation

  • Upon registration, participants receive a Record Book in which they log their activities and time commitments.
  • Participants may begin to log hours only upon registration and not before.
  • All activities logged require a signature of validation by an assessor.
  • Upon completion of each section, the relevant assessor writes a brief report.

Award Levels

Bronze Award – 14 years or older

  • Minimum 6 months
  • Community Service: 15 hours over 6 months
  • Personal Skill Development: 6 months
  • Physical Recreation: 30 hours over 15 weeks
  • Adventurous Journey: 2-day activity

Community ceremony of recognition with pin and certificate.

Silver Award – 15 years or older

  • Minimum 6 months (12 months direct entry)
  • Community Service: 30 (45) hours over 6 (12) months
  • Personal Skill Development: 6 (12) months
  • Physical Recreation: 40 hours over 20 weeks
  • Adventurous Journey: 3-day activity

A ceremony of recognition with certificate awarded by The Lieutenant Governor or The Commissioner.

Gold Award – 16 years or older

  • Minimum 12 months (18 months direct entry)
  • Community Service: 60 (90) hours over 12 (18) months
  • Personal Skill Development: 12 (18) months
  • Physical Recreation: 50 hours over 25 weeks
  • Adventurous Journey: 4-day activity
  • Residential Projects: 5-day experience

National ceremony of recognition with certificate awarded by a member of the Royal Family or the Governor General.