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Hi SINP fans and supporters, just want to clear some things up for the future of SINP:

    1. There's no Mission 10, at least for now.

    2. Whoever create more "SINP" missions and ask for money, they are fake, do not trust them and waste your money. MOD is meaned to be built upon interests and hobbies, I will never charge money on SINP. Mission 1-9 will be free forever.

    3. Due to conflict with 555 on opposite opinions and decisions, I cancelled the development of Mission 10 on December 2015, and I have no plans to continue this project since my daily work and family have taken too much of my time.

Thank you all for the great feedback and support. I started SINP on August 2010 from a small MS-Paint-Like map, and never thought it could eventually ended up to a 9-mission-expansion. It's just a pity that we couldn't continue the project anymore, and I still have more stories to tell. BEL is an old game and I am not sure how long it will last in the future, I just wish SINP could refresh the memory and serves as a memoir of our colorful childhood with this fantastic game.


Coralsundy 2016/10/23



    1. 第10关不会有了,至少现在我没计划继续。

    2. 如果以后有他人以“SINP”的名义制作更多关卡,并以此进行募捐或卖钱,请不要相信他们。那些都是假的,请不要相信他们并浪费你的钱财。我个人一直认为,MOD是制作者基于兴趣爱好而制作出来进行分享的产物。第1~9关是永久免费的。

    3. 因为我个人与555在个人观点与一些问题上的决定有分歧,我于2015年12月取消了第10关的开发,以后也不会继续。另外,日常工作与家庭活动已经占用了我本人大量的时间,对于继续这个MOD我已经有心无力,所以SINP只能在此划上一个句号了。



Coralsundy 2016/10/23

Welcome to the official website of
Strike In Narrow Path


Strike In Narrow Path is a stand-alone expansion pack for the real-time tactics game Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines

You can download the latest version (2.3) of SINP and some of the missions here

For more info have a look at the FAQ

Some of the SINP features:

  • Accessibly buildings - but be careful, the enemy can enter them too

  • Civilians - some of them are loyal to the Nazi regime, some are not

  • Weather changes - Add weather, like what you see in C2. Snow...Rain...

  • Weapons pick up - You can pick the weapons on the ground to improve yourselve like in C2.

  • Trap System - Now you can set enemies in Trap or you'll be terminated by a trap.

  • Beautiful graphics

  • Increasing difficulty level - from moderate to very difficult

  • Real Commandos feeling, back to the roots!

  • Will include 20 missions. More missions will come soon...

Check out the Trailer and the Screenshots


<盟军敢死队1: 深入敌后>的独立资料片




  • 室内战系统:添加盟1以往没有出现过的室内战。不过小心,敌人也是可以进入的

  • 平民系统:添加平民,有些会向敌军告密,从而引出德军巡逻队搜索,当然有些不会管你 。

  • 天气系统:天气变化,跟盟2里的天气一样。可以看到下雪...下雨...

  • 捡物系统:可以像盟2一样,捡起地上散落的武器武装自己。增强火力!

  • 陷阱系统:你现在可以用陷阱置敌于死地,或者陷入层层陷阱之中。

  • 漂亮的画面:随着制作进度和制作人员的熟练程度增加,越来越好!

  • 循序渐进的难度:随着关卡的进行,从简单到困难,给你不一样的感受!

  • 真正的盟敢体验:就像是在玩原游戏制作公司出品的原版盟1一样!带你回到盟1时代!

  • 更多的关卡:一共会有20个关卡,正在紧张制作中...