Tri-Cities Kickoff Tournament

Strike Force Volleyball Club would like to thank all of the teams participating in our January 18 and 19, 2014
 Tri-Cities Kickoff Tournament!

This page is our attempt to keep players, coaches, parents, and fans informed about this season's tournament.

Pools are posted below

1 vs 3  (2)
2 vs 4  (1)
1 vs 4 (3)
2 vs 3 (1)
3 vs 4 (2)
1 vs 2 (4)

1 vs 3 (2)
2 vs 3 (1)
1 vs 2 (3) 

General Tournament Info


Partner Hotels -

Tournament locations & map links:

Kennewick High School - CLICK HERE

Kamiakin High School - CLICK HERE

Chiawana High School - CLICK HERE

McLoughlin Middle School - CLICK HERE

Ochoa Middle School - CLICK HERE

Pasco High SchoolCLICK HERE

January 18th  Tournament Day

U12's & U14 D2

U12 Pool info
U12 DivisionOchoa MS

Pool 1
Club GoldU12-1 Blue
Eclipse VBCSpitze
Kryptonite VBCKryptonite U12
Yakima VBCU12-1 Smack

Pool 2
Columbia JuniorsU12 Black
Apex VB AcademyApex Destiny
Club EllensburgU12 Black
Sunnyside VCU12

Pool 3
PerformancePerformance U12
Club SelahU-12 B
Shockwave VBCU12
O Town VolleyballU12 Black

U14 D2 Pool information -
U14 Division 2Kamiakin High School

Pool 1
PerformancePerformance U14
Team YakimaU14 Black
O Town VolleyballU14 Red
Simcoe VBCU14 Purple

Pool 2
Simcoe VBCU14 Gold
Club SelahU14 J
Club KBU14 Pink
Club MojoU14 Black

Pool 3
O Town VolleyballU14 Black
Shockwave VBCU14-2
Apex VB AcademyApex Journey
Club WapatoU14 Mixish
U14 Division 2McLoughlin MS

Pool 4
College Prep AcademyCPA U14 Black
Club ProsserProsser 14
Cascade Jr. VBCU14-2
Strike ForceU13 Black

Pool 5
Moses Lake VBCColumbia Basin Crushers
Cascade Jr. VBCU14
Club KBU14 Blue

Pool 6
Strike ForceU14 Black
Club SelahU14 W
O Town VolleyballU14 Purple

January 19th Tournament Day

U14 D1, U16's & U18's
U14 D1 Pool Information

U14 Division 1Pasco HS

Pool 1
Eclipse U14 Incurro
Columbia JrsU14 Red
Sunnyside VC U14 

Pool 2
Columbia Jrs.U14 Black
Eclipse U13 Rundaja

Pool 3
Catalyst U14
ApexU14 Synergy
Club EllensburgU14 White
Club Gold U13 Blue

Pool 4
Club Selah U14 B
Sideout U14
Club Mojo U14 Purple
CPAU14 Green

U14 Division 1McLoughlin MS

Pool 5
Yakima VBU14-1 SMACK

U16 Pool information - 
U16 DivisionKennewick HS

Pool 1
Catalyst U16
Club Wapato U16 Tamatywa
Strike Force U15 Black

Pool 2
Splash U16 National
Shockwave U15
Club Selah U16 W

Pool 10
VIP Jrs. U16 D
NCWVBC U16 Black
Sideout U15
Moses Lake U16 Electric

Pool 11
Shockwave VBCU16 
Rivals VBCU16 Black
O Town VolleyballU16 Purple
Eclipse VBCU15-2 Ataque

U16 Division Kamiakin HS

Pool 3
Club ZZUU16 Nationals
Strike Force U16
Cascade U16-2
Eclipse U16-2

Pool 4
Club Selah U16 B
Club KBU16 Blue
Club GoldU16 Black
Catalyst U15

Pool 8
Apex U16
North Idaho ThunderU15 Gold
Club Gold U15 Blue

Pool 9
Eastern Oregon U16 Black
Club KBU16 Pink
Col. Basin CrushersU16-1

U16 DivisionOchoa MS

Pool 5
VIP Jrs.U15
Rivals U16-2
Columbia Jrs. U15 Black

Pool 6
North Idaho ThunderU16 Gold
Columbia Jrs. U16 Red
Eclipse U15 Mahari
Eastern Oregon U16 Pink

Pool 7
O-Town U16 Black
Cascade U16-1
Columbia U15 Red

U18 Pool information -
U18 DivisionChiawana HS

Pool 1
VIP U18 
Club ZZU U18 Regional
Yakima U17 SMACK

Pool 2
Catalyst U17
Club 509/EllensburgU18 Black
Club KBU18 Blue

Pool 3
CW EliteU18 
High Impact U18 Equinox
Apex U17 Phoenix

Pool 4
Strike Force U18 Black
Club Selah U17 B
EOVBCU18 Black
Sweets VBC U18 Black

U18 DivisionMcLoughlin MS

Pool 5
Spokane SkyU18 -1
Strike Force U18 Green

Pool 6
Idaho Impact U18 Blue
Apex U18 Alpha
Club Wapato U18 Ohana
Synergy VBCU17 Black
Coach's Information

Coach's meetings will be held at 7:30 a.m. & tournament play will commence at 8:00 a.m . each day at each tournament location.

NO FOOD or DRINK except water in any gymnasium during the tournament. Note, sports drinks of any sort are not allowed as well.

FOOD/DRINK Exception: If a player has a medical condition that requires a food item or a drink other than water at the bench, inform the Day Official at the coach's meeting so that no penalties are charged for that instance.

No cooking devices are allowed at any of the tournament locations.

Some locations will have concession sales.